Stash Boxes

James Livingston

I inherited this stash box from a close family member. It was once used to store jewelry, but was left behind when they moved away. On top of the stash box are my joint rolling essentials, including Raw Papers, a Santa Cruz Shredder, a Roor glass filter tip, a Clipper lighter, some pre-rolled cones, and of course my jar of flowers. Inside the box, I keep extra papers, along with some other items that I use to medicate discreetly. On the left is a beautifully-detailed, inside-out Pyrex spoon that I purchased at a smoke shop. Nestled next to that is my magic flight launch box, which I use to vaporize flowers. Tucked on the right side of the box are a microG from Grenco Science, a silicone jar with 2 sections to store different strains of wax, and a silicone dab tool. Out of everything in my stash box, I most frequently use the microG, as it is the most discreet way for me to medicate on the go.

This was a box that I had made for a school project a long time ago. Since then, it has been covered in cannabis-related stickers that I have accumulated from smoke shops and events. I recently started collecting different types of rolling papers while I was working at a smoke shop, which is why I have a such a wide variety stashed here. I grind my herbs in a sharper grinder. I picked up the grinder and Pyrex pipe at a local smoke shop. I also have the Atmos Raw jr for vaping concentrates. I store my concentrates in a glow-in-the-dark silicone NoGoo container.


Jennifer Thomas

I like natural things. Natural woods, natural colors and organic textures. When I found my redwood box in a local antique store here in Seattle, I was immediately drawn to its color, casing and simplicity. It resembled a beautiful, sculpted piece of art. I promptly purchased the box and took it home, anxiously looking for a way to use it. I soon realized that its intriguing, yet discretionary beauty made it the perfect stash box. I have since used it every day, and I enjoy the process of opening the lid to reveal my safely stored greens, fresh and ready for me to smoke.

Accessibility and organization are what I was seeking. I like to keep my essentials together. My grinder, my rolling papers and roller, and my cannabis – all in one neatly packed box – always ready and accessible for me at the end of the day, or a casual sesh with friends.

Steven Osika

My stash box is a fine collection of personally-selected items that meet the highest standard of quality. Some of these items have been with me for many years and carry a distinct history. In fact, the blue pipe was the very first pipe I had ever bought (back in high school). The jars were chosen based on function of use, size and portability.  My favorite is from a dispensary I frequent; it was given to me when I became a member of theirs years ago. The rig, for me, is the ultimate. Many rigs have passed through my hands over the years, but this is the one that stuck.  It is sleek, smooth and rips very well thanks to its quartz nail (for the flavor) and titanium body (for the backup). The wooden pipe was a must-add to my collection, as it always made me feel classy as hell.  The lighter and grinder are two essentials any flower pursuant has to have. And last but not least? The safe.  It’s always best to keep those flowers locked up  and tucked away!

Zadie Kennedy

I love my stash box.  I have a thing for canisters, capsules, containers and cannabis. Being in the merchandise world, many products come across my desk.  Recently, a British confectioner sent me an array of samples – including an overview of its packaging samples. My eye instantly gravitated toward a 5”x4” metal tin, debossed with lions, tigers and flora. I knew, after the sweets inside were gone, this unique tin would serve a bigger purpose! Needless to say it now inconspicuously hides my stash. Transportable and tightly sealed, my stash box keeps the aroma in and the suspects out!

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