Stash Boxes – Andrew Holmes

I love cannabis, but I don’t always want it to be the first thing people associate with me. My stash box is a good reflection of that; at first glance, it looks like a lunch box or locking toiletry bag. Even when it’s open, the contents inside look generic and unassuming. But as you begin opening boxes and child-proof mason jars, it becomes apparent that everything inside is (mostly) aimed for cannabis-based purposes.
I mostly vaporize, but I don’t like to be without some form of combustion. Along with my herb vaporizer and Linx pen for CBD, I have a small collection of necessary items for a combustion sesh, including my favorite Piranha Chillum. My daily driver is a Boundless CFX and I try not to leave the house without a cord for on-the-go charging should I need it. I also carry its water pipe attachment should the occasion arise. Everyone also needs a pen handy at all times, so I have one that I can use as a writing instrument and stylus to edit photos on my phone.

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