Stash Boxes – Mariah Hagenbach

My stashbox is a simple wooden box I purchased from a craft store with some DIY decor to match my living room. I keep my box as a center piece of sorts on my coffee table; I like having it stocked for ease of use + it’s nice to be prepared when I have guests.

I try to keep something for everyone in it: a few of my favorite go-to vape pens such as The Dipper, Evolve, and Puffco, a loaded glass blunt and pipe, some glass tips and Raw rolling papers and a little box full of Select CBD vape pens. Typically, I’ll keep a gram or two of concentrates and some flower in there as well, and, of course; lighters, pokers, and q-tips. The items in my stashbox change frequently but there’s always a various array of products!

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