Heavy Hitters Partners With PAX Labs To Expand Line

Heavy Hitters teams up with PAX Labs® to bring cannabis oil to consumers in pod technology. The Heavy Hitters PAX pods will be available in Northern Lights, Pineapple Express, and Jack Herer with a 1:1 CBD/THC strain to follow.

“Heavy Hitters is all about listening to customers and finding innovative ways to deliver better products for better experiences,” according to Hannah Davis, Chief Marketing Officer for Mammoth Distribution, the exclusive distributor of Heavy Hitters products. “Heavy Hitters is the second largest vape brand in California and has a large, established fan base. It’s one of the original Southern California brands, and consumers tell us they love Heavy Hitters because it’s the best tasting and most enjoyable high. So pairing Heavy Hitters’ oil with the convenience and popularity of PAX devices was a natural fit.”

PAX Era Pods feature heat control technology that provides superior flavor and consistent vapor quality and are only compatible with the PAX Era device. PAX Era pods are engineered to prevent leaking and clogging and offer stylish on-the-go dosing. Pods are easily popped into the device and can be switched out to fit any mood or occasion. The device is buttonless, pocket-friendly and easily connects to the mobile app for temperature control and flavor profiles.

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