Celebrate 710 With These 7 Brands

It’s that time of the year for the cannabis community to have a second celebratory day to let their love for the plant shine. What makes July 10th or 710 so special? It’s because 710 backwards spells “OIL” and it’s all about different forms of concentrates from oil, wax, crumble, badder, sugar and resin on this glorious occasion. We’ve selected 7 brands that are making the concentrate sector in the industry more alluring with their products filled with terpenes, high potency levels and delicious strains.

Sherbinskis‘s Live Resin

Known for creating some of the most favorable strains in recent years such as Gelato, Sunset Sherbet and Pink Panties, Sherbinksis recently introduced the newest item to their portfolio – Live Resin and when we first saw their announcement, we couldn’t be more excited and happier to try live resin from such a formidable brand.

The Sherbinskis Live Resin cartridges preserve Gelato’s unique natural cannabinoids and terpene profiles. By freezing whole fresh flower, immediately after harvest helps preserves their natural terpenes and applying an ultra cold hydrocarbon extraction and cold separation. 

22Red‘s Live Resin Sauce and Badder

Perfection in! Perfection Out! 22Red’s debut line of live resin concentrates are launching on, you guessed it, 7/10! It will be available exclusively in Nevada and founder, Shavo will be hosting a meet and greet on 7/10 at Jardin Dispensary in Las Vegas.

The concentrates, including live resin badder and live resin sauce, are made from the same strains found in 22Red’s jars. The freshly harvested flower is cryogenically frozen to preserve its original cannabinoid and terpene content. Then extracted to produce pure, full-spectrum cannabis oil that erupts with flavor, potency, and effect.

22Red Live Resin Badder

Derived from the same sumptuous strains 22Red is famous for, the live resin badder is nothing short of amazing. After the extraction process, the cannabinoid terpene-rich oil is heated and whipped to create a creamy smooth texture that is light blonde in coloration. The soft, malleable consistency makes badder easy to handle and versatile to use.

22Red Live Resin Sauce

22Red’s live resin sauce is a full-bodied cannabis experience. Through the extraction process, the cannabinoids separate into shimmery crystals that are suspended in a gooey golden terpene liquid. The result is a phenomenally potent, flavorful dab that allows users to control their cannabinoid to terpene ratio.

ABX Live Resin Products

The ABX Live product line is your front row ticket to freshness, sourcing quality live resin highlights from every season. Its award-winning formulations capture the essence of each season’s harvest and deliver true-to-flower cannabis experiences. These select strains from master breeders and lifetime cultivators are full-spectrum and feature robust cannabinoid and terpene profiles. The line is available in concentrates, pods, and cartridges.

The ABX Live DART battery and pods put the power of a dab in the palm of your hand and the temperature settings are ideal for high-viscosity cannabis oils. ABX Dart battery and pods combine style, durability, and extended battery life to deliver the highest-quality vaping experience. 

ABX’s variable voltage 510-thread battery has 3 heat settings for user preference. Lower temperature settings are preferable for preserving the terpene and flavor profile of full-spectrum and live resin cartridges, although personal preference may vary.

Stone Road’s Cured Sauce and Artisanal Sugar

Stone Road has yet to disappoint with their product roll-outs and their cured sauces and artisanal sugars are some of their well beloved items and rightfully so.

So what exactly is cured sauce and artisanal sugar?

Sauce is a cannabis extract with a high terpene content, liquid consistency and known for being ultra-flavorful. Artisanal Sugar also “sugar wax”, a concentrate with a wet sugar-like consistency and is made from fresh, frozen cannabis plants.

Stone Road will be releasing two new concentrate flavors in mid-July, including Lemon Tart and Sour Apple. From their current lineup, they have some fun summer flavors that you should try.

  • Tropicanna Cookies Cured Sauce
  • Do-Si-Dos Cured Sauce
  • Animal Cookies Artisanal Sugar
  • Fruit Punch Artisanal Sugar

Papa’s Select Live Extracts

We first became familiar with Papa’s Select during a interview with co-founder Guy Rocourt and knew if Papa & Barkley concentrates were anything as good as their main product line, then we wouldn’t be disappointed.

Working with more than 40 Emerald triangle farms has allowed Papa’s Select to showcase cannabis from all over California region’s diverse micro-climates and terroirs. They have the unique ability to test each genetic strain at multiple locations and under varying growing practices to discover which combination allows those specific genetic traits to develop to the utmost of their ability. This requires tireless hours of research and working hand-in-hand with their farm partners to produce unparalleled products.

Papa’s Select is offering some pretty great deals for the 710 observation. Some participating shops are offering 15% off Papa’s Select living extracts and some are offering buy 1 gram of Papa’s Select & get a free rosin-infused Papa & Barkley Releaf Chocolate.

Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds

Made from their cannabis flower using entirely organically-based and Clean Green-certified farming techniques. Raw Garden cryogenically flash-freezes the flower at harvest in order to preserve the plant’s unique cannabinoid and terpene profiles. Raw Garden Refined Live Resin Diamonds contain varietal-specific terpenes and THCa crystallines for a fantastic dabbing experience.

Crushed Diamonds deliver the same power and purity you’ve come to expect from our original Refined Live Resin™ Diamonds, but in a far more adaptable and versatile format. Crushed Diamonds come perfectly shattered into an easy-to-use crystalline-crumble. It’s a THCa concentrate that moves beyond the dab rig into joints and bowls. The ultra-fine texture means these powerful cannabinoid-crystals are easy to sprinkle onto bowls, roll up into joints, or enjoy with a traditional or cold start dabs.

Field Extracts

Known for their award-winning, potent and flavorful extracts from resin, rosin, and badde, FIELD definitely makes our list. FIELD and Ember Valley have teamed up to bring you a very limited release of exclusive terpy live resin flavors — made from fresh frozen plants pulled from some of Ember Valley’s best strains and run through their award-winning extraction process. No “refined” oil, no BS processing or trickery, just the old tried and true: Fire in // Fire out.

Here are some of the flavors they are releasing: DO SI DE LECHE, JACK CAKE, OG PIE, ICE CREAM SUNDAE, EMBER MINTS and OG x THE GOOZE.