Driven Deliveries Announces Communications Officer, Cannabis Journalist Sara Brittany Somerset

Driven Deliveries Inc. recently appointed veteran cannabis journalist Sara Brittany Somerset as Chief Communications Officer and their relocation of its distribution center from San Diego to Los Angeles, where the company serves 92% of California with home delivery of medical cannabis.

“With over a decade of experience under her belt as a cannabis correspondent and legalization advocate at the United Nations, Sara Brittany brings incredible legitimacy and a strong international network to Driven. Our mission and her participation as Chief Communications Officer will enable Driven to share its story, globally,” CEO Christian Schenk said.

“With leadership positions at tech startup greenbox Robotics, among others, Sara Brittany is definitely a value add to our well rounded team,” added Brian Hayek, President of Driven.

“As an emphatic believer that cannabis has always been one of nature’s best medicines, it is important to me that part of Driven’s mission is to deliver medicine to home-bound patients, quickly and reliably,” Somerset said. “I am honored to join this incredibly dedicated team in expanding their reach, by raising awareness about the company. Driven provides safe, reliable access to medicine from companies such as True Farma, to people who do not necessarily have access to dispensaries.”

The Driven portfolio of brands includes Mountain High, Gangarunner, GanjaBudee and the Weedwaves app.