Berner’s VIBES Collaborates With Keith Haring Glass Brand

The upcoming Vibes collaboration with K.Haring Glass Collection by Higher Standards meet at the intersection of art, culture, and cannabis to introduce the K.Haring x Vibes Tins. The collaboration offers an instantly recognizable yet discreet mode of carrying cones and prerolls through your day. K.Haring x VIBES launches on March 23rd in-store at Higher Standards retail locations as well as smoke shops nationwide and online at and

Featuring the pop art of visionary artist and cannabis advocate Keith Haring, the K.Haring x VIBES carrying case is available in four iconic designs. Each includes a set of 5 VIBES premium cones and available in all VIBES paper blends, including Organic Hemp, Ultra Thin, Rice, and Hemp. Vibes premium rolling papers are cultivated and crafted in France and cut and kitted in the Dominican Republic to bring the best flavor, quality, and authenticity to the cannabis experience.