Accountability Into Action: Maggie Connors

As a part of our upcoming Diversity Education Discussions with MARY Mag, we’re going to be highlighting some words from our speakers to keep you satiated until January 18th.

Maggie Connors of besito

What led you to launch your brand?

MC: I started besito 4 years ago led by a passion for this plant, a desire to create an accessible brand with a fresh POV and a drive to build an equitable legal cannabis industry.

Why is diversity and inclusion across the cannabis industry important to you?

MC: In any industry diverse teams are proven to have better outcomes, as various points of view are more likely to meld for innovative solutions. However especially in cannabis–given the racist history of prohibition and criminalization of cannabis–it’s critical that we include the institutional knowledge from our earliest entrepreneurs, help repair the harms the failed War on Drugs caused especially to Black and brown communities, and ensure they have significant ownership in the industry that will provide intergenerational wealth.

How is cannabis connected to your life?

MC: Cannabis brings peace to my body and mind, and has allowed me to better drop within to explore broader consciousness. It’s been a shared ritual that has further connected me with my siblings and chosen family. And now I’m very fortunate that understanding the legal market has become my livelihood as well.

What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?

MC: It’s a privilege to build a brand, products, and company that are a direct reflection of the besito team and our values, and that drives me every day. It’s a unique combination of management, social justice, and consumer insights that really motivate me.

With this discussion being on MLK Day 2021, discuss the importance of Martin Luther King Jr.’s impact in your life OR share your favorite MLK quote.

MC: The most important message I can share regarding MLK is reminding others that while we revere him today, he was revolutionary and therefore widely disliked at the time. I strongly believe this country needs radical change right now to support the sustainability of our planet and people, so keep this in mind next time you think “oh maybe that’s a bit too far.” Is it?