A Discussion on Enhancing Our Lives With Las Vegas’s CBD Community

Nevada has been a early adopter in regards to the legalization of cannabis. It first approved medical cannabis in Ballot Question 9 which was proposed in 1998 and approved in 2000, followed by going recreational with Ballot Question 2 in 2016.

Although laws have been in place since 2015 permitting the use and cultivation of CBD, many people still are unsure about the benefits of CBD, its legality and how to enhance their lives with cannabidiol.

MARY held a discussion in Las Vegas featuring 5 members of the industry with presence within the state of Nevada. Matt Steele, president of RSO+GO, a company with roots in Washington state that provides a full spectrum RSO cannabis product line extracted from 100% pure grain alcohol, Kiki Sherard, product research and development manager at Chalice Farms, Goldenleaf Holdings and Head Chef of Golden Fruit Chews, John Kent, managing partner of Himitsu CBD, a science & doctor backed whitelabel of Cannabinoid products in select partner channels, Heather Vanek, owner of Hot Mess Kushmetics, a Las Vegas based CBD Topical company who first discovered CBD when making a bath bomb for her mother who suffers from migraines and Nurse Julzie Monterio, co-founder of Cannabis Nurses Network which is a global network for nurses that facilitates courses and events with affiliate professionals across the globe, founder of Nevada Cannabis Nurses Association (NVCNA), a member of American Nurses Association (ANA) and Nevada State Nurses Association (NSNA).

We covered areas of interests from how our bodies metabolize cannabis, benefits of CBD on our body and it’s role in wellness, does CBD interact with other medications, is it possible to take too much CBD and more.

Guest were treated to light snacks and beverages upon entry, mingled with fellow members of the community and industry who shared stories about their relationship with the plant and why they use it and at the end of the night, each went home with a gift bag filled with items from our brand partners, Golden Leaf Holdings, RSO+GO, Chalice Farms, Jackpot Nevada, Hot Mess Kushmetics, Himitsu CBD, Curaleaf and The Source Nevada.