Carbon by Fluresh Brand, Raising Awareness That High-Quality Cannabis Is About More Than Just THC

Fluresh, a Michigan-based cannabis cultivator, processor and retailer, is introducing a new brand, Carbon by Fluresh, which celebrates the cannabis plant from seed to smoke. This premium, plant-forward brand utilizes high-touch propagation techniques to grow exceptional cultivars with heavy terpene profiles. When tested for terpenes, Carbon by Fluresh was found to harvest some of the highest levels in the Michigan market. Now available in pre-packed 1/8 oz jars of flower and three textures of live resin concentrates, Carbon by Fluresh offers cannabis enthusiasts a more elevated experience with powerful potency and exceptional flavor.

Carbon by Fluresh is grown, harvested and extracted with special care, and we combine established cultivation and extraction techniques with state-of-the-art grow facilities,” said Bob Schwartz, Vice President of Cultivation. “Carbon by Fluresh respects the plant at every step of the process and we want to emphasize to consumers that there is more to quality cannabis than just THC. For example, our process allows us to focus on terpenes, which are a vital part of your experience, but often overlooked.”

Each product in the Carbon by Fluresh portfolio displays terpene content (total terpene percentages and top three terpenes) on its packaging to bring to light this critical, yet often underrated, element that gives each cannabis strain its unique aroma, flavor and effects. Carbon by Fluresh is available in pre-packed 1/8 oz jars of flower that come in a double-sealed, recyclable glass jar wrapped in a sleek black label to lock in freshness. The brand will also be releasing three textures of concentrates, made from fresh frozen flower: Live Sugar, Live Badder, Diamond & Sauce. Both product lines will be available in a variety of unique strains including Apple Tartz, Orange Creamsicle, and Rainbow Zlz.

“Most consumers are hyper-focused on THC potency and while THC is important, terpenes, as well as cultivation methods, play an even more vital role in the total sensory experience,” said Nic Hernandez, General Manager of the Fluresh Provisioning Center in Grand Rapids. “Helping consumers understand their preferred terpene profiles will help them find the strains that they enjoy most and that best fit their needs.”

Carbon by Fluresh focuses on the care and complexity that goes into producing quality cannabis flower and live resin concentrates and emphasizes the nuanced, multi-sensorial experience it provides. The new brand relies on high-touch cultivation and post-harvest methods that protect and preserve all the cannabinoids and terpenes, so each strain’s full potential can be unlocked with every ingredient working together in its natural form.

What defines the Carbon by Fluresh brand is the care, respect and science behind its cultivation and post-harvest processes.

  • Optimized Environment: Carbon by Fluresh uses sustainable state-of-the-art technology to control and perfect the environment for optimal growing conditions.
  • Hang Dried Whole: Carbon by Fluresh hang dries the plants whole to minimize impact on their most precious material. After 14 weeks spent nurturing the crop, Carbon by Fluresh expertly treats each plant, ensuring not to over handle the flower.
  • Extended Dry & Cure Time: Carbon by Fluresh allows the plants to dry for longer than most producers and never shortchanges the curing process. These tried-and-true techniques optimize moisture levels and ensure a thick, milky and smooth smoke without the harshness that comes from burning organic material.
  • 100% Hand-Trimmed: Carbon by Fluresh handles the plants with the utmost care in a way no machine can. When it comes to quality, Carbon by Fluresh understands that there is no cutting corners.
  • Emphasis on Terpene Preservation: Carbon by Fluresh strives to protect each plant’s full cannabinoid and terpene profile so the entourage effect can be unleashed. The brand uses hydrocarbon extraction to derive high-quality concentrates from whole plants that are flash frozen at peak potency for maximum flavor and aroma.

Carbon by Fluresh cannabis products are starting to roll out to cannabis stores across the state of Michigan; product and strain availability vary by retail location. Suggested retail prices range from $50 – $60 for flower and $55 – $65 for concentrates.