Bloom Farms Introduces CBD Tincture Products

California-based, Bloom Farms introduces a organic CBD product line with two tinctures to begin the new year.

Bloom Farms CBD is all-natural, full-spectrum and USDA-Certified organic in the form of 300mg, Balance and 600mg, Relieve. Extracted using only a gentle thermal extraction and flash activation method. “Flash activation” preserves the source plant’s cannabinoids and full terpene profile for a truly full-spectrum CBD tincture.

Derived from hemp grown biodynamically in ultra-clean, healthy soil on a farm that employs zero-waste cultivation techniques and is non-intoxicating as the hemp has been bred to produce less that 0.3% THC.

The difference is the amount of CBD suspended in the oil. Both formulas are 30 mL, but Balance contains 300 mg of CBD and Relieve has 600 mg of CBD. Relieve is slightly stronger in flavor and an overall better value.

Blooms Farms also plans to make its CBD line available through high-end retailers, health clubs, medical offices and other outlets and expand its offerings into additional delivery methods such as balms, gelcaps and vape.