Meet Calexo, a new low-dose THC beverage

Calexo launches its first line of sparkling cannabis-infused beverages as refreshing alcohol alternatives. Made with all-natural juices, botanicals, and nano-emulsified THC (10mg per 22oz. bottle), Calexo beverages are precisely dosed for an easy-to-control, uplifting experience of a rapid onset of 15-minutes and an offset of one hour. Available in two flavors, Citrus Rose and Cucumber Citrón, Calexo is now available in-store and through delivery from Sweet Flower Melrose dispensary in Los Angeles. Product availability will expand this spring throughout Los Angeles, Palm Springs, San Francisco and throughout California. In addition, BevCanna will be the exclusive manufacturing partner for Calexo in Canada starting fall of 2020.

“The first thing people will notice about Calexo is the unique flavor profile, and that’s because it’s not modeled after a pre-existing drink,” says Brandon Andrew, Founder and CEO of Calexo. “We use all-natural juices and botanicals that complement rather than mask the nano-emulsified cannabis, resulting in an elegant, social drink that delights your taste buds and brings a smile to your mind.”

With 10mg of THC per 22oz. bottle, Calexo beverages are meant for sharing, sipping and savoring with a rapid onset of 15-minutes and an offset of one hour. Carefully-selected cannabis oil is nano-emulsified to create tiny THC droplets that mix uniformly throughout each bottle of Calexo. These microscopic particles are absorbed quickly under the tongue and when swallowed so that the pleasant cannabinoid effects are quickly felt. Unlike edibles, Calexo provides a much more immediate sense of relaxation in response to the THC.