Le Mirage, the Pez Dispenser for Adults by Hervé

Just when you think edibles sector within cannabis couldn’t get more innovative, Hervé gives you the discreet, delicious and different from anything we recently seen. Le Mirage comes with refillable candy for this dispenser and is perfect for those on the go! Le Mirage is similar to a lipstick or lip balm, but with the push of a button and twist of a cap, you have a cannabis candy at the tip of your fingers, without getting it on your fingers during the summer months, as Le Mirage doesn’t melt!

Le Mirage hard candies are infused with Live Resin, have no added sugars, are vegan & gluten free, and have only two calories per serving. Because they absorb sublingually, the onset is faster than a typical edible. 

Le Mirage candy inserts are available in two dosage formats and four flavors:

25mg THC per insert, 5mg THC per serving
Available flavors: Sour Green Apple, Sour Peach and Sour Cherry

25mg THC & 25 mg of CBD per insert, 5mg THC & 5 mg of CBD per serving
Available flavors: Cristal Peppermint

All Mirage inserts are sold in 2-packs for a total of 50 mg of THC per pack.