Foray Rings in Fall with Cannabis-Infused Hard Maple Caramels

The latest autumnal flavor for Canadian cannabis consumers is a new twist on a familiar classic – cannabis-infused Hard Maple Caramels from Foray. Made using real Canadian maple syrup, butter, cream – and of course, cannabis. Foray Hard Maple Caramels are coming to cannabis retail stores across Canada this October. This launch offers a welcome respite from the onslaught of all-things pumpkin spice in the fall season, as evidenced by a national consumer survey commissioned by Foray, which found that 74% of Canadians prefer the flavor of maple to pumpkin spice.

According to Foray’s survey, nationally, 74% of Canadians prefer maple to pumpkin spice. Regionally, Quebec (88%), Ontario (73%) and Alberta (72%) showed the highest preference for maple, with Manitoba (64%) and Saskatchewan (59%) demonstrating the lowest preference. Demographically, 83% of men and 67% of women prefer maple; interestingly, women (33%) were nearly twice as likely as men (17%) to prefer pumpkin spice.

Foray Hard Maple Caramels represent a new product category for cannabis consumers, developed by Auxly’s product innovation team. Hard Maple Caramels will be available in a two pack, with each piece containing 5 mg of THC. Each piece is made using real maple syrup, sourced from a co-operative in New Brunswick, along with real butter and cream, and a Sativa/Indica cannabis blend.

Hard Maple Caramels join Foray’s line-up of popular Cannabis 2.0 products, which includes: Soft Chews, in Raspberry Vanilla (THC) and Peach Mango (Balanced) formulations; Chocolate, in Dark Chocolate (THC), Vanilla Chai Milk Chocolate (THC), and Salted Caramel (Balanced) varieties; and Vapes, in strains such as Blackberry Cream (Indica), Strawberry Ice (Sativa), Maui Wowie (Sativa), Mango Haze (Balanced and CBD), and Goji OG (Hybrid).