Raw Garden Expands With The Launch Of Cannabis Joints

Santa Barbara based, Raw Garden, one of the most popular and sought out extract brands is spreading its wings with the launch and introduction of their cannabis joints.

Raw Garden states that their new joints are 100% pure cannabis joints Infused with Micronized Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds. Through the combination of high-quality flowers and concentrate, Raw Garden designed each joint to be as fresh, smooth, and consistent as possible. Designed to provide a premium smoking experience from start to finish, these joints are worth lighting up and sharing. 

Raw Garden’s joints are grown and rolled in-house with no trim, additives, or artificial flavoring. To ensure the product maintains the best flavor and freshness, Raw Garden uses a trade-secret post harvest and drying process that allows them to preserve the flower’s freshness and dry in small lots. The joints are then hand-rolled and not stuffed so consumers can see the freshness within!

What Are Raw Garden Infused Joints with Micronized Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds?

Each joint is placed in a moisture-tight vial that is then placed in a high-barrier metalized bag that is nitrogen purged to remove oxygen. The goal is for you to experience the same quality as the day it was rolled.

Raw Garden uses Refined Live Resin Crushed Diamonds that are micronized, creating small granules loaded with flavor and potency to enhance every hit by evenly distributing the concentrate throughout the ground flower material. Through the combination of their high quality flower and Crushed Diamonds, they aim for each joint to be as fresh, smooth and consistent as possible.