NewTropic Announces Hash Production Including Partnership with Biscotti Brands, California’s Premier Hash Provider

Photo by: Gina Coleman

NewTropic, a full-service cannabis manufacturing and supply chain solutions provider announced the launch of their hash manufacturing services including a partnership with Biscotti Brands, the Oakland-based hash company that is the California market leader.

Biscotti joins such other premier brands as Old Pal and Stone Road that partner with NewTropic to produce high-quality cannabis products — including hash. NewTropic will expand its operational footprint in 2021 with the addition of a 22,000-square-foot Cotati facility to focus largely on manufacturing hash products using a centuries-old method of ice-water solventless extraction. When completed, NewTropic will be the single largest producer of hash in California and will create products as various as pressed hash, loose hash, pre-rolls, and rosin for Biscotti and its affordably priced Tutti brand.

“We are really excited to help Biscotti produce at scale and create some of the highest quality hash found anywhere in the country,” says NewTropic co-founder and CEO Alex Rowland. “Biscotti’s vision of a centuries-old cannabis tradition is being translated into the modern world of quality, compliant cannabis manufacturing. We’re delighted to play a role in bringing these products to a whole new generation of cannabis enthusiasts.”

Rooted in Italian craftsmanship, Biscotti handcrafts premium hash products that merge tradition and technology, while staying true to its ancient heritage. Biscotti’s premium hash concentrates and hash-infused pre-rolls are made without the use of chemicals or solvents.

“High-quality hash requires a methodology that’s truly refined, sourcing from the best flower and the richest trichomes to achieve a smooth, delicious end product,” says Luca Andrea Collins, co-founder and CEO of Biscotti Brands. “Having NewTropic build out a special facility suited to our high standards assures me that we will always be able to offer Californians the best hash available here — or anywhere.”

Opening in January 2020, NewTropic has added several new facilities and hired over 100 employees. NewTropic processes and packages concentrates, flower, and pre-rolls for both wholesale and brand customers and will soon add edibles and beverages to its line.