Lil’ Kim Partners with superbad inc. to Launch Cannabis Brand ‘Aphrodisiac’

California-based cannabis brand, superbad inc, announce their latest partnership with legendary musical artist Lil’ Kim. The deal marks Lil’ Kim’s entrance into the cannabis industry with a line of top-shelf flower products called “Aphrodisiac” that are set to debut in early 2022. 

The superbad name in itself speaks to who I am as a person and artist. I didn’t come into this industry lightly, superbad inc. had the best strains I’ve tried and one of the most impressive back-end operations I’ve seen. That is true empowerment and I want to be a part of something legendary giving women a platform on changing the game in cannabis.” – Lil’ Kim  

The deal with Lil’ Kim marks an important milestone as superbad inc. looks to empower more women in the space and bring authentic cultural voices to the surface in the industry. As the First Lady of Rap, Lil’ Kim has broken all barriers in her rise to legendary stardom as a prominent figure in what was then and still is now a male-dominated industry. It’s with this perspective that superbad inc. looks to work with her on building not only a successful brand but a powerful message and pipeline to support more women-owned businesses in the cannabis space. 

“Lil’ Kim is an ICON and one of the first women of rap to be Hard Core, we could not be more excited to have her be part of superbad inc.. We are joining forces with her to empower more women like herself to come into this space and dominate it. The integration between cannabis, advocacy, and fashion we are creating will be an exciting pathway for us moving forward.” – Carlos Dew, CEO of superbad inc. 

As the former President of Impact Sports, superbad inc. CEO, Carlos Dew has been advising and mentoring young athletes for almost 20 years. Coming from the Sports & Entertainment world, he has helped over 50 plus players reach their NBA, NFL & MLB dreams which included James Harden, Kawhi Leonard “Los Angeles Clippers”, Kareem Jackson “Denver Broncos” and others.

When making the transition from Sports & Entertainment to cannabis back in 2015, Carlos has strived to bring this same mindset to help empower new diverse voices in the industry. In working with Lil’ Kim, they are bringing this same passion and pathway creation into the cannabis industry.