Home Life With Sydney Montoya

As we all adjust to our current living conditions, many have and some are finding their homes to be a creative and a safe haven so we ask several photographers and creatives to share what their homes look like and how they are adapting to this way of living.

Sydney Montoya

Let’s begin by talking about your first introduction to cannabis and what led you to fall in love with the plant?

My introduction to cannabis was in high school, I was seeking an alternative to all the pharmaceuticals I was taking for pain, anxiety, and depression and once I tried cannabis for the first time and I never looked back! I fell in love with the plant because I saw the amazing impact it had in my life and others, and knew right then it could help so many more, it just needs to have people to advocate for it. For not being able to speak itself, this plant does so much to shape our society and the future of our planet.

Why do you use cannabis now?

I use cannabis now for many of the same reasons- it eases my anxiety, depression, and chronic pain. As I have gotten older though cannabis has played a pivotal role in my creative process, it inspires me and allows me to get out of my head.

What are your favorite strains and why?

Some of my favorite strains include Lavender, Clementine, and Tropicanna. I am a huge fan of limonene and linalool terpenes for flavor and effect. Limonene tends to be uplifting, inspiring, and motivational for me while Linalool is relaxing, introspective, and nostalgic.

What are your favorite products at the moment?

For Body: Truly Beauty’s Hemp Jelly Mask & Hemp Face Serum

For Edibles: Robhots Gummies in any flavor

For CBD: Farmhouse Hemp’s CBD Rosin Tincture 

For Topical: Farmhouse Hemp’s Cayenne Relief Salve 

For Smoking: Muffinz Live Rosin by Kush Masters

What do you do for a living?

I am a freelance cannabis and hemp photographer, sydneymontoyaphoto.com and on Instagram @sydney_slabs.

What do you love about your job?

I love everything about my job, truly. But I think my favorite part is at the end of the day when it seems so surreal that I get to photograph cannabis and hemp all day and how humbling it is to have the privilege to live in today’s world of growing normalization. I am unspeakably grateful for my access to cannabis and to live in the time that I do in history because of that.

In your experience, what have been some challenges you faced in your position?

Some challenges I have faced in my position is finding my own voice amongst all the advocates out there and finding a way to express myself in the most genuine way possible on social media to showcase that voice.

Currently, we’re facing the global pandemic of coronavirus COVID-19, which has definitely affected the cannabis industry. Has this affected you and what do you think will happen to the industry for the foreseeable future?

COVID has affected me personally mainly from the impact it has had on my business. Going into the summer season, business is markedly more slow than in previous years during this time. On the hemp side of my business, I sense a lot of uncertainty as we come closer to planting season due to the financial hardships that COVID has created throughout the world that has farmers hesitant to plant. On the cannabis side, I am seeing a lot of promise actually- dispensaries are essential and are staying open mostly without issue, and being proactive about the precautions and changes happening daily in our state. The future of both sides of the industry to me right now seem like things will mostly stay the same except for in retail and grow/lab type positions due to continued social distancing measures, but the situation is constantly changing.

What state are you in and how are things currently as a result to COVID-19?

I live in Colorado and we currently are in the process of moving from “Stay At Home” to “Safer At Home” measures which means things are opening for curbside and delivery that were not considered essential business but staying home as much as possible is still top priority. Social distancing and mandatory masking in some counties will continue for some time. Business owners and consumers are generally uneasy.

What are some things you are doing to stay productive while we’re in quarantine?

I am trying to stay productive by focusing on gaining new skills and knowledge so I have been diving in to some online courses and books that I have been meaning to read as well as readying my outside garden for the summer which is always relaxing.

If there was one strain or product left on earth for you to try, what would it be?

Tropicanna because there is no strain prettier or more tasty that I have found yet!