10 Brands With Cozy Merch To Get High in

As the fall season begins to bring us that certain comfort we love this time of the year and being indoors with some of your favorite cannabis products to enjoy makes lounging in the coziest clothing you can find, all the difference. We gathered a list of some top cannabis brands that are not just making quality flower but also quality merch clothing to go along with the experience. Here are our 10 brands with cozy merch to get high in.

Superette – Robe

Not too many brands are releasing plush robes so when we saw this terry fabric gem from Canadian brand, Superette, it was a no brainer that this item makes the list. Get super comfortable for every smoke sesh with Sup’s terry robe no matter the weather. It’s the perfect loungewear with embroidery on the chest pocket, belt and back while you’re lounging poolside or in-da-couch.

Puffco – Play Crewneck T-Shirt

Puffco’s creative team pulled a Ace out of their pocket with this design. Taking on the vintage look and feel with puffy-paint printing, air jet yarn for softer feel and reduced pilling. With this crewneck release, 100% of net proceeds were donated to the LA Food Bank to distribute food to those who need it most.

Sundae School – Tiger Pipe Hoodie

Sundae School is giving us a different sort of pipe dreams to have and we don’t wanna wake up! Their newest Tiger Pipe Hoodie is made of organic cotton, 23oz heavy knit, 120 TC two-ply and all is ethically sourced and that’s all great but the element that hits it our the park for us is their signature joint pocket. Drop the mic!

Burb – Studio Slides

We take a look up north and fall in love with Burb’s studio slides with one look. This design will take your slide game up a notch. In monochrome and dual color tone, these slides are all about versatility and comfort. The heavyweight hemp strap, mesh lining and foam sole make these a gem but to top it off with more exclusivity, each pair is individually numbered!

Sherbinskis – Women’s Crystal Dye Hoodie

Famed cultivator brand, Sherbinskis hasn’t forgotten about the ladies and released this shrunk hoodie body style with embroidered logo with an exclusive touch to each hoodie as they are all individually hand-dyed so each one as a different dye style.

Balanced Los Angeles – Signature Short

Balanced Los Angeles has a interesting origin story when their founder’s mother was rushed to the ER to be later diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. He searched for solutions and didn’t find what he was looking for, so he created it. Balanced makes some very fine herb from Blueberry Crunch to Apple Crisp strains and once you take a feel of their clothing merch in your hands, you’ll easily make them one of your favorites. From 14oz cotton crew necks to scented candles with apple and pear aroma, Balance Los Angeles knows a thing or two about comfort! We select their signature shorts milld with finely knitted, heavy weight cotton, draw cord and 3 pockets, perfect for being locked in-da-couch!

Runtz – Life Jogger

Runtz became a popular strain through the creation by Cookies and taking its place in the hall of fame strains by crossing Zkittles and Gelato. The brand has a huge rollout of merchandise from men’s and women’s clothing, accessories, socks and surprisingly enough, they product underwear too! The standout piece for us is their Life Jogger with logo embroidery and patchwork.

Jungle Boys – Hash > War Tee

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Jungle Boys really need no introduction as to the quality of flower they produce. If you’re looking for strains frosted in trichomes, look no further because Jungle Boys is your brand. It was only right that we include them in this list, their Hash > War tee is a must to add to your collection.

HUF Worldwide – Melange Green Plantlife Socks

We couldn’t end this list and not include HUF world-famous plant socks. Known for being the clothing brand that took the cannabis leaf on socks design to a new and more popular level than any cannabis brand has been able. The Melange Green Buddy Plantlife Sock is offered up on a premium mélange yarn body and features Jacquard-knit HUF’s favorite ‘Green Buddy’ in a repeat motif. Celebrate your buds!

The Smokers Club – Showtime Game Shorts

Founded by Smoke DZA and Jonny Shipes in 2010, The Smoker’s Club has grown into a world wide recognized cannabis lifestyle brand with music performances and merchandise that’s very fitting. We select their double layer mesh shorts with tricot lining, side pockets, rear pocket with zipper closure, drawstrings with metal aglets. These are a must for your cozy wardrobe collection fa sho!

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