GRAV Amber Bubbler Collection & Holiday Menorah

It’s that time of the year again when we are preparing plans to hang with our loved ones and have more memorable moments to cherish afterwards. Why not add a little fun to the mix with a few holiday glassware pieces?

GRAV has been a leader in the glassware sector and continues to push design forward and care for customers experience while using their products. Here’s their latest collection and more.

Amber Wave Bubbler

This bubbler’s unique design makes it a dream to smoke. The triangle base creates tabletop stability. And the curved shape keeps your lighter away from your face while minimizing splash towards the mouthpiece. With the biggest chamber in the Palm Bubbler lineup, you can make waves of smoke to carry you away downstream. 

Amber Wedge Bubbler

The Wedge features rounded corners and an ergonomic design, making it a dream to hold. Its restricted mouthpiece and low water needs keep your mouth dry, no matter how hard you draw. Smoke flower or concentrate out of this portable little piece.

Amber Rain Bubbler

The Rain Bubbler’s gentle curves and small size make it fit your hand like they were made for each other. Hits are smooth yet heady, packing major power. And the curved interior walls help to encourage water to whirl for stellar cooling.


If you’re into non-traditional traditions, the GRAV® Menorah will really spin your dreidel. This water pipe features eight GRAV® 10mm pinch bowls that all feed one big bubbler chamber. A hefty angled mouthpiece allows you to take on the whole chamber at once, and a sturdy glass foot allows you to display this piece to its full advantage during your own festival of lights. Hanukkah’s about the miracle of oil lasting for 8 nights, but will you last for all 8 bowls?