FAUNA Pipes, Hand-Crafted Smoking Accessories From Chile

South America is no stranger to the advancement of cannabis with Uruguay leading the way with making cannabis fully legal across medical, recreational and industrial and Chile is not too far behind with their Law 20.000  that formally decriminalized drug possession for immediate personal use in a private setting.  Drug use or possession in public places is a crime punishable with fines, mandatory treatment, community service and/or suspension of the individual’s driver’s license. Cannabis use is not penalized, but growing the plant is “unless one can justify that it is for exclusive personal consumption and use in the short term” (Article 8).

Like many other countries, Chile is divided in two main political sectors, conservatives and liberal. What both sides can agree on is that there’s an urgent need to legislate, define and create safe passages for medical consumers to get access to their medicine, and they also think that recreational consumption will need to be legally and properly defined, but as things progress within Chile, there’s no doubt they will be a force within the South American industry.

Craftsmanship has always been a pride of the locals and out of that love comes a brand from a multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs and cannabis advocates, local artisans that have worked with ceramic and clary for generations.

FAUNA was conceived as an echo from the mainstream design trends outside the cannabis industry but also as a friendly manifesto from Chile to the global cannabis industry.The first introduction from FAUNA is the Falco, inspired by the soft and precise proportions of kestrel’s that inhabits the southern regions of Chile.

FAUNA – Falco Pipe

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