Bud and Breakfast Shows You Cannabis-Friendly Lodging

The race for the legalization of cannabis is on. If the scale of this year’s worldwide phenomenon 4/20 is anything to go by, it seems a formidable amount of people want the freedom to smoke when and where they please.

Introducing Bud and Breakfast, the marijuana-friendly version of Airbnb. Aimed at travelers looking for that extra convenience and privacy while on holiday, the concept was created by Sean Roby who, with a fresh move to Boulder, Colorado where the recent legislation to legalize was passed, was inspired “to create this new business venture: the pleasure of 420 travel with the joy of the kush.”

The website works in the same vein as its marijuana-free competitors such as the aforementioned Airbnb and Roomorama. Users simply search for a location and registered apartments in states and countries where recreational and medicinal marijuana use is legal are revealed. The offerings range from a penthouse in Boulder, Colorado for $250 per night; a Caribbean Bambook Bungalow for $50 per night; and even an Art-deco suite in Montevideo’s Old City from $153 per night. After the perfect location and price is found, in a few quick, excited steps, the holiday of their dreams can be booked.

The way the website and these types of vacations stand out is all in the detail. The listings contain a lot of information as to where exactly one can smoke, whether it’s inside, outside or in one room specifically and there’s often a guide that informs the visitor of where the best spots in town are to stock up. They also mention what paraphernalia is provided, be it papers, a bong, grinders, to ensure the holiday goers are fully equipped when they arrive. For many of the accommodations, there’s also a ‘bud and breakfast’ option, which is exactly as you’d imagine—a breakfast filled with the key ingredient in the form of pancakes and muffins.

With this platform, Roby is proving how tourism is evolving to fit the growing niche for locales who want to merge their holidays with their choice to smoke marijuana. What Bud and Breakfast truly is though is a window into the prosperous future of weed-friendly travel.