Delivery from the Earth to your Home

Flow Kana is a new startup that delivers premium cannabis fresh from local farms to weed enthusiasts that, for the moment, reside in and around California.

The company prides itself on creating a product that’s 100 percent sun grown-certified and pure green certified, which means it’s locally sourced from farms that use the highest quality natural nutrients in the cultivation process. The produce has a connoisseur grade certificate where the Flow Kana team work with master growers that hand-pick 10 new strains every month. It’s also “happy farmer” certified, meaning everyone involved is paid fairly and has secure and highly legal agreements in place ensuring each person from the the pickers to the deliverers is educated and content in doing what they do.

The idea came about due to the founders wanting to change the current way that cannabis is produced in California. They cite, “indoor cultivation accounts for 5-8% of the electricity consumption in CA,” adding that “no-one knows the kinds of chemicals and pesticides that are being used. We need to bring the plant back into the hands of farmers, put it back in nature and under the sun where it belongs.”

Users sign up on the website and take the ‘cannabis quiz,’ which gives the team a clear indication as to their intent and the type of plant they’d be most suited to. Shoppers can also browse from a the menu of “boutique strains” on the dedicate app that are updated regularly as the seasons change.

Once the decision is made, the product can be delivered in under an hour, depending on location, and it’s even wrapped up in the most discreet, farm-like of packages.

The company’s aim is to transform the way pot users experience the drug, whether medically or non-medically by offering a business model that is transparent and reliable, has fair pricing and trade practices while doing its bit for the environment. The team explains,

“We believe in a world where cannabis remains in the hands of farmers and not corporate industrialists looking to turn it into the next GMO crop. We are NOT a dispensary, but instead build partnerships with boutique growers, connect you to them and allow them to deliver their craft straight to your home.”