Tradecraft Farms Natural Wrap Pre-Roll Collection

Southern California’s Tradecraft Farms unveils their natural wrap pre-roll collection made up of some interesting flavor profiles that you probably haven’t seen anywhere else.

GOJI Berry Preroll

This exotic, all natural pre-roll looks like no other, with its distinctive bright orange color. And no, there are no dyes, it’s the goji berries that cause that beautiful hue. 1 gram of premium hydroponic cannabis smokes evenly and blends perfectly with the subtly fruity and sweet flavor of the goji.

Palm Leaf Wrapped Pre-Roll

This hand rolled and glass tipped pre-roll, has a beautifully organic visual appeal from the natural palm leaves that are topped off with a traditional cigarillo band of gold and black. This pre-roll contains 1 Gram of indoor, hydroponic, high-grade flower with a paper filter.  It carries the weight and style of a unique old-world smoking experience. 

Cacao Wrap Pre-Roll

A change of pace from your ordinary pre-roll, Cacao wrapped pre-rolls have a smooth draw and a subtle chocolaty taste that brings out the sweetness of any strain. No run no worries with this 1 gram pre-roll. 

Cacao Fried Chicken Pre-Roll 

Tradecraft call this the Chocolate Drumstick. It’s a show stopping pre-roll on many levels – First, we take cacao flavored paper, fill it with hydroponic Tradecraft Farms flower, then infuse it with high THC oil and finally dust it in kief. If you’re looking for a powerful, 1 Gram with a glorious visual appeal, this is the one for you.