Stash Boxes – Bianca Blanche

Working at a dispensary certainly has its perks. The contents within my stash box are continuously changing and evolving with new products I come across. The box itself is a small Birch Box I kept from the beginning of 2017. I fell in love with the quirky packaging design. The top is covered with pretty rainbows, adorable candy hearts, blissful yogis, tiny words of encouragement, everyday beauty essentials and magic crystal balls. As a beauty lover, I like how normal and inconspicuous my stash box seems on top of my kitchen table. It mostly looks like an innocent package of goodies I’ve treated myself to. Unbeknown to my visitors, it’s exactly that and so much more.

This “(at home) stash box” currently consists of several intriguing items such as a 25mg Baked Los Angeles Strawberry Banana lollipop, a box of Lemon Kush Lola Lola pre-rolls, a Papa & Barkley 3:1 THC:CBD sample tincture, a box of matches, some hemp wick, my bedazzled vape pen from The Crystal Cult and a lifesaving Foria Relief suppository for that time of the month. I’m fully stocked on Zig Zag rolling papers and Raw tips, too. Of course my stash box wouldn’t be complete without my grinder, my “Joint Relief” lighter from Apothecanna, some delicious medical cannabis from my favorite dispensary The Green Easy, a Smoke Buddy Junior (device for discreet smoking), a reliable scale and my newest prize possession; a sloth pipe given to me by a friend from her recent trip to Costa Rica. The great thing about being open with your love for cannabis, people will remember that and bring you dope presents from faraway places.

I also have an embroidered evil eye “stash pouch” which isn’t pictured but I never leave home without. Inside you will find an array of products I use on the go, such as Apothecanna’s Extra Strength Relieving Body Spray (it’s AH-MAZING), a Select Oil vape pen and THC cartridge, a packet of Little Britton‘s CBD Artisanal Hard candies and my biggest sunglasses for obvious reasons.

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