Standard Dose Opens NYC Wellness Destination

Standard Dose launches its CBD and plant-based wellness experience in New York City. Located in NoMad, the three-story space serves as an immersive destination for elevated wellness that aims to foster a deeper understanding of natural restorative practices. Along with a curated selection of the highest quality CBD and plant-based products, Standard Dose will offer daily yoga and meditation, educational workshops, and upcoming spa services.

At the entrance of Standard Dose, trained educators are available for guidance on the benefits and uses of over 100 specifically selected CBD and plant-based topical and ingestible products. Moving further into the space, a tea bar serves up custom blends for detox, immunity and healing. Just past the tea bar is an intimate meditation studio where guided sessions can be booked, including the option to deepen the practice with Standard Dose’s leading CBD tincture. The calming experience is further enhanced with a therapeutic skylight installation by CoeLux, which visually reproduces the behavior of the earth’s atmosphere and is proven to support mental restorative processes, reduce stress, heighten a sense of comfort and emotional wellbeing, and enhance cognitive functions.

The top floor is an outdoor rooftop hosting a series of additional meditation and yoga classes, as well as educational workshops and community events focused on CBD and plant-based wellness.

To come later in June, the lower level will feature a spa treatment room where select clean beauty services and body treatments can be reserved. With these services, guests will also have the opportunity to sample and experience a selection of luxury CBD skin care products from Standard Dose.

“This space is a physical manifestation of the Standard Dose brand. It’s a calm escape built around guiding and educating consumers on ways to soothe, balance, and alleviate through CBD and plant-based wellness” says founder Anthony Saniger. “We want to encourage an informed and honest dialogue about CBD and bring clarity by elevating the standard in a space that is still widely unregulated and misguided”.

Standard Dose Wellness Center