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MARY 2022 420 Product Roundup

It’s that time of the year again where our community celebrates another day of consumption with various forms of our beloved plant with their loved ones or alone. Here’s our roundup of product from brands making a name for themselves and getting lots of love from consumers. Happy 420!

Superette – Rolling Tray

Our favorite Canadians are back at it again. We add them to the list to highlight their rolling tray. Who doesn’t love a fresh tray ready to be blessed with some fine herbs! Superette’s tray was made in collaboration with Studio AOK. Aside from releasing amazing accessories, the brand has been busy at opening up a slew of retail locations throughout Canada.

Stone Road – Orange Apricot w/ London Pound Cake Hash

There aren’t too many brands that get a repeat feature on our roundups… till came Stone Road. The California brand only rolls with the best buds, never shake, filler or distillate-sprayed weed. Quality and design are the founding principles of Stone Road, and they believe that beauty shouldn’t come at an inflated price. This means that all Stone Road cannabis is created to showcase beautiful, minimalist packaging and a keen eye for detail without breaking the bank.

Herve – Raspberry Macarons

We’ve seen a evolution of cannabis edibles from the days of infused brownies, cookies, gummies to expanding into more refined pastries such macarons by Herve. Made by hand with premium ingredients like almond flour and 23k gold… yup actual gold flakes, Hervé luxury macarons are known for their superior quality. Each Hervé macaron contains 10mg of premium sativa hybrid THC distillate for a total of 30mg per pack.

LEUNE – Cloud Berry Vape and Gummies

LEUNE has been on our radar for quite some time now and happy to add this brand to our 2022 list. The Cloud Berry lineup is indica-leaning hybrid with a bold blackberry and hints of zesty lemon. Looking towards a sustainable future, LEUNE committed to producing low carbon footprint consumer product packaging. All LEUNE all-in-one vaporizer pens and pre-rolls come in reusable and recyclable aluminum tin cases – limiting the amount of waste to reach landfills.

Seaweed Naturals – Gummies

Created by environmentalists Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau (grandson of Jacques Cousteau), SeaWeed Naturals’ products harness the healing powers of the ocean, all while restoring it. SeaWeed Naturals’ High Tide starfish gummies combine the benefits of restoratively farmed seaweed and algae with the healing power of cannabis. These vegan, lemon-lime flavored gummies help with anxiety, muscle tension, minor aches and pains. Like an invigorating plunge into the sea – they will help you feel brighter, happier and more focused.

High Tide fuses 10 mg of Sativa cannabinoids with the superfood seaweed and Omega-3 amino acids, which have been proven to improve the health of your skin, organs, bones, joints, and crucially, your brain. Omega-3’s have been shown to combat inflammation and fight depression and anxiety. 

Pacific Stone – Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls

California-based Pacific Stone, latest’s release is based on the top-selling Pacific Stone signature strains, that are infused with highly potent THCa Diamonds, the coveted crystalline structures that form in sauce, a cannabis concentrate with a heavy dose of terpenes. Each product pack comes with 7, individually hand-rolled premium flower Diamond Infused Pre-Rolls that burn smooth and deliver an amazingly consistent experience.

Rogue Paq – Full Ritual Set

Looking for a kit to carry all your cannabis essentials all in one? Rogue Paq Full Ritual Gift Set is the perfect luxe 420 gift. Appropriate for both the canna-curious as well as the cannaisseur, it offers a full range of tools and accessories to celebrate your ritual, all of which fit perfectly within our scent-suppressant Ritual Case. Personalize the case with initials and some special characters such as a tiny bong, canna leaf, or joint.

Lime – Full Spectrum Syrup

Cannabis brand Lime offers Full Spectrum Syrups (Lime is the brand name, not a flavor) that bring out your inner barista and let you create an awesome cocktail or refreshing beverage. Each bottle contains 1,000 mg THC – you control the dosage. Available in 9 different fun flavors – Guava, honeydew melon, lemon lime, blue raspberry, grape, cherry, watermelon, pink lemonade, pineapple. In dispensaries throughout California and online.

Cosmic View – Slumber THC Tincture

Cosmic View was created by the mother daughter duo of Dr. Christine Skibola and Nicole Skibola, who had turned to cannabis and CBD products after her diagnosis of a rare reproductive cancer. Based on the experience, Nicole and Christine decided to utilize their combined skills and knowledge to create a product line specifically aimed at wellness and helping individuals with specific health conditions.

Cosmic View’s Slumber Tincture is intended for individuals dealing with insomnia. This formulation is made with strain specific cannabis known for its “couch-lock” sedative properties. The olive oil base is infused with American skullcap, Roman chamomile and valerian. Naturally occurring CBD in the strain profile, paired with these three herbs known for their relaxant and calming properties, promote calming activity to help you fall asleep and stay asleep.

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