Dreaming of a High Christmas – MARY 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Written and Styled by: Bianca Blanche

Photographs by: Amarika Chavez


Once upon a time on a brisk December eve, I found myself amidst the holiday frenzy. Why here? Why now? As I shuffled through the crowd at The Beverly Center, I was neither holly or jolly! Tis the season of angst and regret. With the holidays only a few days away, the stripped and bare clothing racks infuriated me. This was a battle. Better yet, a race against the icy ticking clock. Surveying the mall madness, I was in no mood to fight and retreated. Walking to my car, feeling somewhat defeated, it hit me. The best way to spend this year’s bonus, was at a dispensary, stocking up on Mother Nature’s gift to the world! Cannabis had a momentous year. From flowers to delicious treats, there are a variety of options in the marketplace. Edibles were particularly trendy. There were countless infused products for both, medicinal and recreational users.

I understand not everyone shares my bravery. Some might even feel a bit uncomfortable with having a greener holiday shopping list. Many of us would buckle under the pressure. The hesitation is understandable. Despite the strides, the cannabis market has made within the past few years, there remains a stigma that darkens the moment. Resulting in either a dream or a nightmare, for cannabis enthusiasts depending on the experience. Rest assured, the infused and edible marketplace are filled with exceptional products. However, like any other product, there is another side. One that is oversaturated with underwhelming items and misguiding advertisements. We at MARY put safety first. We are committed to providing you with honest feedback and would never advertise or endorse any product that does not align with our values.

As this year comes to a close, we have curated the best of the best for 2017. Whether treating yourself or bringing a bit more cheer to your loved one, we a confident you will find it here. Ditch the mall and Amazon, light up and give thanks for the wonderful gift of herb this holiday season!

Vape Cartridges

Alpine Disposable Vapor Pen

Pre-charged and pre-filled with 300 mg of medicated cannabis oil, Alpine’s discreet disposable vape pens are a delicious addition to anyone’s Secret Santa stash. With flavors like “Lavender Ice Cream”, “Honey Rose” and “Fruity Pebbles”, these little darlings are sure to please even the pickiest of stoners.



Honey Vape Disposable Pen

As one of the first disposable pens we’ve seen on the market, Honey Vape continues to deliver high-grade solvent-free cannabis oil in a classically sleek design. With old-school strains like “OG KUSH”, “Jack Herer” and “Skywalker OG” this pen makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone transitioning away from flower and into vapor.





Select ELITE THC Cartridges

If you’re looking for a high quality, clean and powerful cannabis oil “Select ELITE” is the perfect option! With a quality control you can trust, Select offers users a wide variety of high THC terpene infused-cannabis oils. Not feeling psychoactive? They also have CBD options available.





Novelty Items

HUF – “It’s Lit” Glow In The Dark Socks & South Park Collab “Towelie Slides

Our holiday list wouldn’t be complete without featuring a couple of comfy items for lounging while medicating. Even though you can’t smoke them, Huf’s “It’s Lit” cotton-poly socks will brighten up anyone’s holiday since they literally glow in the dark. Feeling nostalgic? The “HUF & South Park Towelie Slides” are quite possibly the dopest slippers your feet could reside in on Christmas morning.



Blunted Objects

Express your love of cannabis with a statement piece from the most badass girl squad online. Pushing the boundaries of cannabis-related accessories, Blunted Objects offers stoners a stylish selection of jewelry, pins, ornate ashtrays and a pair of charm keychains for you and your best bud.





Kiva Confections – “Terra Bites”

A gift from the cannabis chocolate gods at Kiva, their “Terra Bites” are delightful, low dose, chocolate covered espresso beans and blueberries. These inconspicuous 5 mg treats are great edibles to carry on the go and be content from day to night.


Dr. Norm’s – “Chocolate Chip Cookies”

Family run Dr. Norm’s brings compassion and healing in the form of delicious bite size medicated chocolate chip cookies. Dosing is easy with 5 mg, 25 mg, and a whopping 75 mg option per cookie and made with top grade cannabis, Dr. Norm’s will definitely satisfy your christmas cookie cravings.


3 Leaf Edibles – “Quinoa Granola Bites”

A healthy edible made with premium cannabis distillate and the finest natural ingredients, 3 Leaf’s 10 mg Quinoa Granola Bites are a nourishing alternative to the typical candy edible. Packed with fiber and low in sugar, 3 Leaf will make an excellent gift for the health conscious user.



Kushy Punch – “100mg Kushy Punch”

A fruit gummy that packs a serious punch! This 100 mg edible is small but very powerful. But don’t feel deterred to try this special little gummy; the highs are consistently blissful.







Pure Beauty – “Cannabis Cigarettes”

They say good things come in pink boxes and I’m not talking Voodoo doughnuts; this pretty pink box of whole flower cannabis cigarettes will please the eye and the high. Based in Los Angeles, Pure Beauty offers fashionable packs for your favorite hipster toker. Containing 5 potent cannabis pre-rolls for the “mobile consumer”, pre-packaged boxes are available in both Indica and Hybrid strains.



Seasonal Harvest – “Pre-Packaged Pre-rolls in God’s Gift”

In case the name didn’t say it all; this “God’s Gift” truly lives up to its title. Providing a pleasantly potent yet smooth high, this indica is an excellent option for a loved one in need of extra relief. Conveniently rolled into 5 cones, each package of pre-rolls contains a full 1/8th oz of cannabis and is sealed for ultimate piney freshness.





Prism – “CBD & 1:1 Pre-rolls”

Available in non-psychoactive and CBD:THC blends, Prism’s unique pre-rolls are hand-crafted to cater to cannabis “newcomers”. With calming effects and gentle euphoria, these premium joints make an excellent option for someone who’s still “testing the (cannabinoid) waters” so to speak.





Apothecanna – “Sexy Time” Intimacy Oil

Wanna make a good time even better? Invite Apothecanna’s “Sexy Time” personal intimacy oil into your bedroom. Infused with wildcrafted jasmine, coconut, argan and cannabis; this plant-based lubricant smells divine and increases blood flow for a sensually intensifying experience.



Papa & Barkley – “Releaf Balm”

This award-winning topical has become a staple item for those seeking chronic pain relief. I’ve personally watched it enhance the quality of life to countless patients seeking an all-natural medical alternative. The company offers two different formulations, both immensely rich in THC and CBD providing an unrivaled effectiveness for those using it.



Canna Bath Co. – “THC Bath Bombs”

Move over Lush, there’s a new bath bomb in town and it’s packing something stronger than glitter. Available in a variety of scents including Coconut Lime, Ylang Ylang & Jasmine and the always lovely, Lavender. Treat yourself and your loved ones to the ultimate bath-time with Canna Bath Co’s aromatic 20 mg cannabis infused bath bombs.





Marley Natural – “Smoked Glass Spoon and Water Pipes “

If there’s one name that goes hand-in-hand with cannabis, it’s none other than the Marley family name and their brand introduced their smoked glass line and this water pipe made from durable hand-blown borosilicate glass, this piece is thickly bolstered in the base for extra strength and balance.


Grav – “Arcline and Gandalf Pipe”

For the more seasoned friend, impress them with Grav’s Arcline, the heaviest glass in their product line, inspired by ancient Tuscan column work that will be sure to get some impressive head nods in thanks as they open up this beauty. Then comes their Gandalf Pipe which will come in handy once the snow days kick in and all you want to do is “Netflix and Zone”.


CBD Products


Tetra Labs – “GoldCaps THC:CBD Capsules”

Introducing a more sophisticated way to medicate, Tetra Labs has created several varieties of “GoldCaps” mixing cannabis and grape seed oil into soft gel capsules. My particular favorite is their 1:1 dose containing 10 mg of both THC and CBD for a very delightful and well balanced high.






Little Britton’s – “CBD Artisanal Hard Candy”

These delectable little suckers taste absolutely amazing even your grandparents will enjoy them! Little Britton’s uses high quality ingredients such as refined cannabis and exceptional flavor extracts to create their 10 mg CBD hard candies. The Butterscotch and Salted Caramel ones are especially scrumptious.





Vet CBD – “Vet CBD Tincture”

Created by veterinarian Dr. Tim Shu, this pet-friendly non-psychoactive CBD tincture provides high quality cannabis oil for your furry family members. This medical grade oil made with full flower cannabis can be used to treat pain relief, as an anti-seizure, anti-nausea and anti-anxiety for your furry baby without any toxic side effects like other pharmaceuticals.






Pearl Pharma – “Sin Mint Cookies”

For nearly 20 years, the cultivators at Pearl Pharma have provided an array of exceptional premium cannabis flower to dispensaries across Southern California. As sweet as the name suggests, their award-winning Sin Mint Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid great for relaxation and bodily pain relief.

Pearl Pharma – “Kosher Jack”

Their multi-award winning Jack Herer Strain, Kosher Jack is a favorite among cannabis patients due to it’s cerebral effects and grounding bodily high. Perfect for social gatherings or spending time on your creative craft, this sativa won’t fail to inspire. 


Elicit Labs – “THC Crumble”

Elicit Labs has created a beautifully crystalized and pale crumble that’s easy to work with and won’t break the bank. Taking effect quickly, this powerful concentrate comes in a variety of strains and potencies, most of which test over 80% of THC.



Rosin Bros. – “7* Hash Rosin”

If you can get passed the price-tag, this ritzy rosin makes an excellent gift for the upscale dabber. Covered in dazzling trichomes and delightful terpenes, the Rosin Bro’s 7 star solvent-less hash is worth every penny.






Special thanks to our friends at The Green Easy 420. Products are Available at their location, 8311 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles, CA, 90020 greene420.com