Houseplant Releases “The Carry Case”, All Your Essentials In One Place

Houseplant has been making a name for themselves in the industry within both cannabis and accessories and we are here for it! Taking a look at all your at home needs, Houseplant has rolled out unique ashtrays, lighters, even lamp-ashtrays. As the spring weather begins to appear in a few weeks, and folks will be glad to gather and enjoy the warm weather outdoors, the Canadian brand introduces an accessory the whole globe can enjoy.

Aside from cargo pants enthusiasts, most of us don’t have enough pockets to carry all the stuff we need to enjoy cannabis. A grinder, a lighter, a storage container, an ashtray, it adds up.

In the case of the Houseplant Carry Case, which is kind of a clunky sentence, it adds up to form a single cylinder. Cleverly designed to fit in a green leather case with orange webbing, anodized aluminum that fits inside your life no matter what you’re wearing that day.

  • It’s storage, a grinder, a high-powered butane lighter, and an ashtray!
  • Anodized aluminum construction
  • Bridle leather case (bridle leather is extremely lovely and will get better with age)
  • Components twist in and out of place very easily
  • Easy to carry thanks to its handy orange strap!

The lighter does not come with butane—make sure you order some so you can fill your lighter and use it right away once it arrives!

Also published on Medium.