All Paths Lead to Stone Road

Los Angeles-based Stone Road has been making their presence felt in the California market with its design-focused and sustainable pre-rolls at a price point that you can’t turn away from.

Stone Road’s pre-rolls are grown on their 57-acre off-grid family-run farm in Nevada City, CA, using only solar-power and artesian water sourced from an aquifer directly under the farm and packaged in 99% recycled materials. As a queer-led company with sustainability and inclusivity at the forefront of their business, Stone Road is reimagining what affordable cannabis can looks like for a new generation of tasteful and discerning consumers.

Founded by Lex Corwin in 2016 at the age of 23 as a queer-led cannabis brand committed to harvesting and creating accessible, affordable cannabis products for every kind of smoker. and creating a path for a new age of cannabis consumers with their eye-catching, colorful and inclusive campaign imagery. 

Quality and design are the founding principles of Stone Road, and they believe that beauty shouldn’t come at an inflated price. This means that all Stone Road cannabis is created to showcase beautiful, minimalist packaging and a keen eye for detail without breaking the bank. Stone Road is reimagining what affordable cannabis products can look, taste and feel like.

All Stone Road packaging is 99% recyclable and made from 100% post-consumer recycled goods. A new 2021 initiative will take the design even further when they start utilizing rice protein isolate to create the shrink wrap material around the pre-roll packs, and revolutionize their flower jars, sourcing fully recycled glass jars and reclaimed ocean plastic to make the child-resistant lids.

Stone Road has options for every kind of cannabis lover from mellow and balanced indica-leaning joints to happy, social sativas and euphoric, heady hybrids. For those looking for an extra lift, Stone Road’s incredibly popular hash-infused pre-rolls are an all around crowd pleaser for even the fussiest cannabis connoisseur.