Kiva Confections Announces Multi-State Expansion Within Illinois, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oklahoma, Michigan, And Ohio

Kiva Confections, announced an ambitious product and brand expansion plan to continue its industry presence across the nation. Through the end of 2021, Kiva will enter two new states and broaden its product portfolio in several markets that currently offer select products from the brand.

“In the past ten years of Kiva’s operations, our team has worked hard to create an incomparable portfolio of premium edible products. With regulations across the country evolving, we’ve been able to expand our national footprint with some of the best operators in the business, and bring our award-winning edibles to even more people who can benefit from them,” says Kiva Confections CEO and Co-founder Scott Palmer.

Building on a foundation of passion, innovation, and craftsmanship, Kiva’s bold, multi-state rollout includes:

  • MASSACHUSETTS: Marking its official state debut in early August 2021, Kiva is partnered with the vertically-integrated Revolutionary Clinics.
  • NEVADA: Kiva’s ground-breaking strain-specific, 100% live resin-infused edibles line Lost Farm will launch in Fall 2021.
  • ILLINOIS: Kiva has recently renewed a successful partnership with the national cultivation, manufacturing and retail powerhouse Cresco Labs, with several exciting products anticipated for release in the coming months.
  • OKLAHOMA: On the heels of its successful Kiva Bars and Camino Gummies launch in July 2021, Kiva forecasts launching both Terra Bites and Petra Mints by the end of the year in partnership with the Tulsa-based, vertically-integrated company 24K Labs.
  • MICHIGAN: Launched Camino in May of this year to great success with one of the leading vertical operators in the state, High Life Farms.
  • OHIO: Kiva, Terra, Camino, and Petra launched in January of 2021 with Klutch, one of Ohio’s leading Level 1 Medical Marijuana Cultivators and Processors, quickly making Kiva the third largest edible brand in the state.