Kin Slips Debuts Kin Slips Essentials

Kin Slips introduces the first product line, Kin Slips Essentials. Recognizing the high consumer demand for their sublingual strips, Kin Slips created a hemp-derived version of their most popular blend for sleep, Shut Eye. Kin Slips plans to add to their Essentials line throughout the year, eventually making all of their blends available in a CBD version so consumers nationwide can experience the science behind their sublingual delivery system.    

Kin Slips Essentials Shut Eye is scientifically formulated using a soothing combination of all natural ingredients from hemp-derived cannabinoids (5mg CBN & 5mg CBD) and terpenes, which relax the body and mind for a restful night of sleep and a better next day. 

Most pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter sleep aids available on the market are unregulated, and some medications that require a doctor prescription have highly addictive properties where patients can develop a strong dependency and can even experience withdrawal symptoms after one use. Kin Slips Essentials are efficaciously third-party tested, safe, all-natural and fast-acting promising a reliable dosage and restful sleep without feeling any of the side effects that accompany other sleep aids. 

Kin Slips Essentials are vegan, gluten-free, soy-free andcontain no melatonin.  Kin Slips Essentials Shut Eye is scientifically formulated from powerful plant derived terpenes found in lavender, chamomile, pine and peppertoamplify the hemp compound, andare third-party, lab-tested to ensure an efficacious product without the next day grogginess. Kin Slips Essentials Shut Eye is also conveniently sized and discreet for on-the-go, travel or jet lag. 

Thanks to Kin Slips’ proprietary sublingual strip technology, Shut Eye begins working in just 10 minutes. The sublingual delivery system works more efficiently by using a natural pathway to your bloodstream under the tongue, creating a fast and reliable onset not found in other products or medications that are ingested and rely on the digestive system process. By circumventing the digestive process, Kin Slips technology ensures a reliable dosage each time, because the onset is not affected by factors like liver breakdown and metabolism which can create unreliable results with ingestible products.