Artet Introduces Cannabis Cocktails Premixed In Cans

Cannabis-based aperitif Artet originally introduced themselves to the industry as a dry alternative to cocktails that brings the flavor and festivities of classic libations with marijuana providing the social lubrication in low doses. Available in fifth-sized bottles, Artet has now made the cannabis-infused cocktail experience more portable and flexible with new canned Ready-To-Drink (RTD) beverages.

Artet’s original bottle oozes Italian amaro drinking culture, taking one to the Mediterranean for a casual evening with friends and great drinks. The cans follow suit, designed in-house with Erick Ortega, utilizing a soothing dark blue background and smooth, abstract shapes and thick brush strokes. On the cans, the individual components are arranged to appear more like a cocktail, the intent is clearer. Tet & Tonic, Artet’s take on a gin & tonic, utilizes turquoise, while Rosemary Jane calls back to its grapefruit component with pink.

Each can contain a 1:1 ratio of cannabinoids THC and CBD, with 5mg of each in every can. In liquid form, the onset of effects is faster than in an edible and is smoke-free of course.