Introducing SeaWeed Naturals by Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau

Created by globally renowned environmentalists Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau (grandson of Jacques Cousteau), SeaWeed Naturals beauty and wellness products harness the healing powers of the ocean, all while restoring it. Combining the benefits of restoratively farmed seaweed and algae with cannabis, the groundbreaking collection of topical and edible wellness products is an entirely new category that unites Land x Sea Wellness through restorative practices.

Born out of an unparalleled family legacy and inspired by a vision of a mutually beneficial relationship with our ocean, Seaweed Naturals was founded as an impact brand to support the emerging Blue Economy. With a mission to restore the ocean, combat climate change, provide habitats for ocean life, and provide sustainable jobs in coastal communities, every SeaWeed Naturals purchase helps achieve that goal, and 5% of all proceeds goes toward marine life conservation organizations including EarthEcho International, founded by Philippe, and AltaSea.

“Through SeaWeed Naturals, we are so excited to introduce an entirely new category of Land x Sea Wellness using the rejuvenating benefits of restoratively farmed marine botanicals coupled with the healing properties of the cannabis plant,” said SeaWeed Naturals co-founders Ashlan and Philippe Cousteau. “As an impact brand, we hope to lead a new category of wellness companies grounded in radical transparency and regenerative climate change efforts.”

SeaWeed Naturals’ collection and products are made consciously with the highest quality, fair trade, clean ingredients that are traceable from sea to skin. SeaWeed Naturals’ innovative topical and edible formulations contain marine botanicals including seaweed, kelp and algae extracts, combined with cannabinoids, Omega-3 amino acids and other antioxidant ingredients. The full SeaWeed Naturals collection includes Comfort Body Balms, Comfort Body Oil, Comfort Lip Balm, Comfort Tinctures and Vegan Edible Gummies.