Session Goods Introduces 3 New Products – a mouth cover, stash tube, and stash pod

Slated to launch in July, Session Goods is expanding their “Essentials” collection with 3 new products – a mouth cover, stash tube, and stash pod – to help you store, carry, organize, and keep your sessions safe. These additions are new product categories for the brand and are tools designed to ensure that whatever the gathering, you have exactly what you need to roll in and have a good time.

Mouth Cover – $8

Sanitary ∙ Comfortable ∙ Portable

  • Whether you’re having a Session with old friends or new ones, pass bongs not germs. This silicone mouth cover allows you to share your Session Bong safely. The cover is designed to fit your Session Bong perfectly. When not in use, it can be hung from a lanyard with its convenient loop. This product is exclusively designed to fit the Session Bong.

Stash Pods – $10

Airtight ∙ Compact ∙ Portable

  • When you’re on the go and want to take your herb with you, there’s nothing better than these rigid, little stash pods that can be attached to your keychain, bag, or belt loop. These little pods will keep your herb fresh, organized, and easily accessible wherever you go. Each pack comes with 2 pods – one fun-sized and the other party-sized.

Stash Tube – $10

Airtight ∙ Compact ∙ Portable

  • When you need to take and bake, all you’ll need is this helpful, rigid stash container that can be attached to your keychain, bag, or belt loop. This compact protective tube holds most long rolling paper-sized joints, mini blunts, and or pinner spliffs you might need to bring with you when you’re on the go, in the wild, or just heading out to your favorite sesh spot. This is the high-designed doob tube of your dreams.