Q&A: BEED, Makers of the ‘Nespresso’ for Joint Making

We’re always on the hunt for the latest releases and innovations within the cannabis industry and excited to share with you, BEED. We first came across the brand this spring, BEED, a cannabis technology company with similarities to Nespresso in that they use a combination of a proprietary machine and nitrogen sealed capsules to create an end product – in their case a cup of espresso, in BEED’s, a .5g joint available currently in 6 effects-based variations.

We speak with the team behind BEED on this exclusive interview, enjoy!

What void did you see in the industry that brought about the creation of BEED?

BEED was created to solve for a far too common cannabis experience. BEED’s founder was introduced to the California cannabis community by way of the major out of home marketing push that key cannabis retailers were using to intrigue customers in the late 2010s. It worked, and prompted a visit to one of the leading dispensaries to see firsthand what all the hoopla was about. And ultimately led to the purchase of all the necessities for a stellar after-work cannabis session: a grinder, papers, rolling tray, lighter and an eighth of budtender-approved flower.      

The only (albeit major) issue? He didn’t know how to roll. He had a friend stop by and prepare a few joints for them to smoke, which he fondly recalls offered an amazing time – conversation, laughter and of course snacking were enjoyed, along with much needed relaxation and decompression with a good friend after a hard day’s work. But when he  wanted to replicate the experience the following day, purchasing the same flower at the same dispensary, he was immensely disappointed in feeling nothing. The product inconsistency and inconvenience of rolling joints led him to create BEED.     

Ever the innovator and not one to let the shortcomings of modern society limit his ability to seek enjoyment, he set out to create a system that would offer users like himself, and even experienced users who could otherwise roll their own joints, an automated rolling experience that would yield joints consistent in size, freshness and efficacy each and every time – something akin to what the Nespresso machine had done for coffee. So he went directly to the source and spent years back and forth between Italy, Switzerland and Israel to learn more about the machine and capsule systems that had changed the coffee industry forever and educate the machinery manufacturers on the potential of the cannabis industry utilizing the technology in California and beyond. 

In Italy he was able to develop two proprietary pieces of machinery, one being a pre-roll packing machine capable of producing 5,000+ pre-rolled joints per hour and the other, the Capsule packing machine that physically fills, flushes with nitrogen and seals each recyclable aluminum BEED capsule. In Switzerland he spent months working directly with the creators of the Nespresso capsules and worked with them to create aluminum capsules specifically for cannabis use, which would ultimately serve as the foundation for founding BEED. He also worked in lockstep with engineers from Israel on iteration after iteration of the sleek, colorful, appliance consumers know and love today, the BEED Machine.

What has been some of the design inspiration for BEED?

BEED is built around the idea that the next paradigm in cannabis centers upon design, accessibility and was born from the idea that a joint rolling machine can and should be able to blend in seamlessly amongst your kitchen appliances or be the centerpiece of any party. 

‘We wanted to design something that was user-friendly, sleek, eye-catching and ultimately a product that an array of consumers could appreciate.’ The beauty of BEED is that its design is timeless and universal. From the cannabis enthusiast who loves to try out the latest and greatest, to the tech whiz who appreciates technical components and thoughtful, intuitive design, to the decor expert who wants a cannabis accessory to complement their interior, BEED’s design and technology help democratize the plant in a lifestyle-centric way, and in turn helps further remove the cultural stigma still associated with cannabis.

We also chose not to shy away from technology. There is this subtle, unspoken division of church and state when it comes to technology and cannabis and we believe that this exists solely because it has not been done right, until now. Remember, there was a time when no one believed there was a consumer desire to have all of your songs, photos and beyond on one pocket-sized device, coffee was supposed to be prepared in a pot and consumed (not enjoyed) efficientl, and people still question how fun and immersive the automobile driving experience should be. 

From its eye-catching color palette and soft-touch handfeel, to its lively LED indicators and playfully delightful joint dispensing action, this appliance was designed to feel like your new, futuristic smoking buddy.

Who would be the targeted consumer for BEED?

Anyone and everyone, that’s the magic of BEED. From legacy cultivators who consider the ritual of rolling to be a rite of passage, to regular pre-roll consumers seeking a fresh alternative, to the cannabis newcomer who has yet to learn how to roll their own and wants to fully control their smoking experience, BEED provides a sense of surprise and delight with the push of a single button. 

We want every consumer, whether they are an avid cannabis user or just discovering the power and benefits of the plant, to feel welcomed by BEED. With our range of colors and capsules, we want everyone to find a BEED that not only fits their style, but their life. 

BEED is as comfortable in a recording studio or art gallery as it is in an office break room or kitchen counter, and that’s exactly where we want to be.

What are some of the different variations of flower capsules?

We launched with six effect-based capsule offerings (ranging from a 1:1 THC / CBD blend to a hash-infused, 40%+ THC option) and those effects (High, Relaxed, Social, Productive, Active, and Better) were developed to provide the consumer with a specific, strain-oriented way to control their high. BEED Capsules come in packs of eight, and give the user an opportunity to conveniently select exactly what type of high they want, at the push of a button. The exact BEED Capsule offerings include:  

Be Better (Green)

THC 10-15% CBD 10-15%

Terpenes: Myrcene, Caryophyllene

Primary Feelings: Relaxation, Pain Relief

Description: How could you be better? By exercising more effort? By being more empathetic? By thinking before you speak? By embracing change? By being grateful? By doing the right thing? By using your strengths and addressing your weaknesses? Whoa, whoa, whoa – we could all stand to be a little better, and we could all use a little help getting there. This is that help.

Be Productive (Orange)

Sativa 17-22% THC

Primary Feelings: Focused, Happiness, Balanced

Terpenes: Terpinolene, Myrcene

Description: We all have work to get done and we all have a limited amount of time in which to do it. However, we don’t all have Be Productive capsules from Beed. This blend promotes a balanced effect of focus, calm and (drumroll please) HAPPINESS that is perfect for cranking through that last meeting, spreadsheet or presentation before EOD.

Be Active (Red) 

Sativa 20-25% THC

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Myrcene

Primary Feelings: Uplifting, Motivating, Energetic, Focused

Description: Gone are the days where couchlock, the munchies and brain fog are the only feelings to expect from your cannabis experience. Enter Be Active, an uplifting, motivating sativa set to energize you for work, play or whatever is on the horizon. 

Be Social (Blue)

Indica-Hybrid 24-29% THC

Primary Feelings: Happiness, Conversation, Laughter

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Humulene, Limonene

Description: Whether you’re an introvert looking to branch out or an extrovert preparing to entertain, this indica dominant hybrid is your social support system. Strong enough to lower your inhibitions and light enough to keep you coherent, these capsules are sure to make you the life of the party – no matter what party that may be.

Be Relaxed (Purple)

Indica 30-35% THC

Primary Feelings: Couch Lock, Mind & Body Relaxation, Sleep Aid

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Limonene, Humulene

Description: Long day? Long week? Long weekend? We get it, life is long and sometimes you just need to disconnect & decompress. And when you’re truly burnt out, your dexterity suffers, making it more cumbersome and less enjoyable to roll your own joint. We suggest putting on some slow jazz, popping in a Be Relaxed capsule and softly fading into the calming place of your dreams.

Be High (Black)

Indica (Infused) 38-43%+ THC

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Myrcene, Humulene

Primary Feelings: Out of this world high 

Description: Searching for an out of this world, out of body experience? Well look no further. These capsules contain a highly potent indica cultivar with 40%+ THC that promotes an extreme body high to bring you to new heights.

What led to their strain selections? 

We’re currently focusing on the effects-based side of the market and the strain selections for our initial offering were based upon consistency, diversity and pricepoint. The first two may seem to counter one another, but what we mean is that we want the flower within each capsules to provide a consistent effect from use to use, and we also want the offering (which spans from 1:1 THC / CBD blend to the hash-infused, 40%+ THC option) to be diverse enough for any consumer at any time.

From a consumption standpoint, we want the product to provide the end-user with the most enjoyable experience possible from purchase to puff. We deliberately chose flower that tastes great, hits smooth and makes you feel the way you want (every time) all for $4.00 per .5g joint. 

We want everyone to be able to choose a BEED Capsule and not feel overwhelmed or intimidated. The intuitive and straightforward nature of how we categorized BEED Capsules empowers smokers of all experience ranges to confidently choose their desired experience and trust that what they’re expecting is what they’ll be experiencing. 

How long does BEED take to complete to make a joint? and what size cones can the device hold?

It’s not hyperbole when we say that BEED offers the freshest, fastest, and most fun rolling experience on the market. In fact, we’ve yet to find someone who can produce a superior joint in a more efficient and consistent manner. The BEED machine creates a freshly rolled .5g joint in just 20 seconds, during that time the machine works ensure the entire nitrogen-sealed BEED Capsule is emptied into the 1 ¼ size cone. AND every machine is packaged with a sample supply of 8 BEED x RAW paper cones in the classic 1 ¼ size. 

While we respect that you might want something larger, we suggest just having the machine roll another joint – it only takes 20 seconds.

What’s next for the brand in 2022?

Right now, we are focused on inserting BEED into the larger cultural narrative through diversifying our partnerships over the next year. From music festivals to pop-ups shops to traditional retail, we aim to further our agenda of bringing weed to the masses.

We are actively looking to expand our capsule offering and are beginning to develop strain-based options while also having conversations around brand collaborations to supplement our current menu. There has also been a heavy customer interest in expanding the CBD-based offering, which would allow us to further expand our impact, so we’re looking into new and diverse avenues in the CBD sector as well.

A smoking accessories collection is on the horizon as we aim to provide a BEED for every need. We’re currently developing everything from tamping sticks to reusable joint packages to empty (self-fillable) capsule packs as a wholly creative means of cannabis ignition. 

Ultimately, expansion outside of California is very appealing as our growth strategy stems from an urgency to democratize the plant and put BEED in the hands of people who thought they would never touch cannabis. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll catch us at MARYFest next summer.

BEED is available at the following retail outlets – Grassdoor, MedMen, Green Qween, The Artist Tree & Double Eye Dispensary.