Introducing RA 1:15, The Smoker’s Armchair

In the privacy and comfort of our homes, is where we find that zen place to unwind and cherish those moments we long for after a tedious day. Introducing the RA 1:15 armchair made from soft cushion, environmentally friendly manufactured aniline leather, professionally shaped wood and drawers with Spanish cedar combine to form this noble armchair. A special retreat for talks, concentration and new ideas.

The idea of he RA 1:15 comes from the Chilean architect Rodrigo Gonzalez and the German lawyer Alexander Sauer. An unfolding flower blossom and an open box of cigars inspired to its original form. The design is based on the creed formulated by Charles Eames that recognizing the needs is an integral part of good design. The dimensions of the chair can be adjusted specifically in two size variants to customer needs. For the inner layer of the body, the designer used beech wood from sustainable German forestry that were thus presumably the time of the discovery of X-rays by the physicist WC Roentgen in 1895.

Grab your favorite strain, accessories and let your body marinate into the softness of the RA 1:15.