MARY Talks: Sex and Cannabis – New York City

MARY and Revolver Productions present MARY Talks: Sex & Cannabis.

For centuries leading to present day the multi-billion dollar industries of cannabis and sex encompass tremendous stigma. Why are these natural topics still so taboo?

Join us, Tuesday, February 5th, as we bring together industry experts and public figures to discuss the role of cannabis in love, intimacy, self-care, and sex.

Guest Panelists

Cyo Ray Nystrom

CEO and co-founder of Quim Rock, a self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas. Cyo grew up in San Francisco and involuntarily joined the cannabis movement when her father was incarcerated for non-violent cannabis crimes in 1994.

Raised in a sex-positive and wellness-focused single-parent household, Cyo was encouraged to listen to her body from a young age. Alas, when she became sexually active, all she could hear were UTIs, yeast infections, and their attendant shame, which colored her early sexual experiences. At 24 (and her wit’s end), she started experimenting with plant-based formulas at home – vaginal relief, at last. Two years later, she and childhood pal Rachel Washtein launched a brand all their own.

Quim Rock creates plant-based products that enhance pleasure and foster sustainable practices of self-care. Cyo lives and works in San Francisco, and wants – so badly – to de-stigmatize conversations about vaginal health and cannabis, and see a happier yonic future for all.

Mat Gershon

Founder & Co-CEO at Foria, prior to the creation of Foria , Mr. Gerson founded Sir Richard’s Condom Company, helping to address the unmet need for condoms globally with a “buy one-give one” business model in tandem with Partners in Health in Haiti and retail distribution in Whole Foods Market & Walgreens nationally.

Before entering the business world,  Mathew spent ten years studying Buddhist meditation in Asia, Canada and the U.S and living in the woods whenever possible.

Mr. Gerson currently lives in Topanga, California with his wife Colleen, a Functional Medicine Health Coach, their dog Blue and a pair of ravens.

Dia Dynasty

Dia is a Shamanatrix; a professional dominatrix who incorporates spiritual and healing modalities into her BDSM practice in order to offer her clients transformational and life-altering experiences. Her 10 years as a professional dominatrix in New York City, along with her lifelong engagement with yoga, magick and witchcraft have honed her skills of domination with a mixture of shamanism, psychomagick, holistic health practices, and ritual work.

She and her dommewife, Lucy Sweetkill, founded La Maison du Rouge on similar compassionate and principled BDSM interests after meeting at a commercial BDSM house. Dia has been a guest on numerous kink, sex and spirituality forums including Kink Doctor’s Youtube talk show, Witchwave podcast, SexOutLoud Radio with Tristan Taormino, DownForWhatever podcast, Banana Mag print publication and more.

Dia enjoys traveling the world, roller skating, archery, making heart connections, and tending to her home in Brooklyn with her cat and her life partner.

Dr. Caroline Hartridge

Dr. Hartridge of Hartridge Solutions,a doctor of Osteopathic Medicine who is licensed as a General Practitioner in New York and Georgia. She completed her Internship in a Family Medicine residency program at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in Patchogue, NY, studied Osteopathic Medicine and Public Health at Touro University, California and Environmental Education at Davidson College, North Carolina.

Dr. Hartridge meets all of your primary care needs as a General Practitioner, including prescription medication management. Additionally, she is trained to address and treat everything from chronic conditions to acute complaints with Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Plant Based Nutrition counseling. Dr. Hartridge is also a NYS Medical Marijuana referring physician.

In addition to being a physician, Dr. Hartridge has her own CBD isolate product line and participates on the board of two other non-profits: One Human Family Coalition, a free medical clinic in Puerto Rico and You Can Thrive, supportive services for breast cancer patients.

Guests will be treated to the following:

– Product activation by Quim Rocks introducing their first CBD product line
– complimentary CBD treats from the chefs of Ludlow House
– Gift bag featuring curated CBD and general lifestyle brands