Stash Boxes – R.J. Hartbeck

We found our stash box at an estate sale in St. Louis. The box is a 1974 vintage Levi Strauss jewelry box that commemorates the 100 year anniversary of the company. The top of the box features a mirrored inlay, with the Levi’s logo etched in gold writing with the date May 20th, 1873 – the date that Levi’s received it’s patent for the first pair of blue jeans.

Inside the box you’ll find OCB Xpert rolling papers, RAW gummed tips, a transport tube for days in the park and our favorite flowers! I think a grinder, a good rolling tool, and a colorful chillum are great great stash box staples as well. I’m a fan of the spliff, so you’ll find a pack of light blue American Spirit’s and few random business cards to tackle the task at hand. The newest addition to our stash box is a live-resin cartridge that can be powered by a simple battery found at most gas stations and headshops.

All of these item help us celebrate with friends and enjoy our favorite activities. Our stash box can be tucked away or displayed proudly on the coffee table. More often than not these items find their way onto the rolling tray… another 420 tool not to be ignored.