Building a Queendom Among the Weeds

Photography by: Justin Baker


There is no denying the incredible force that’s birthed when passionate women come together. Something special happens when we hold each other as sacred members within the sisterhood. A sense of community is formed, rather than a space for competitiveness, gossip and betrayal. This remarkable female presence is on full display today, with more women running for political office in the United States than ever before; the global participation of The Women’s Marches and the powerfully viral #MeToo movement speaking out against sexual assault and harassment. A shift is occurring as the feminine energies of this planet come together to foster a different reality for future generations.

This movement doesn’t exclude the once male-dominated cannabis industry. The term “Female plant, Female conversation” has been swirling within our smoke-filled world for some time, gaining more notoriety and acceptance with each passing year. The “Female Plant” refers to the female cannabis plant, which we consume for its medical benefits and psychoactive effects. This is because the female plant is the one who produces cannabinoid rich resin all over its buds, not the males; thus making “her” more desirable to growers and buyers. It’s certain that females, in both the plant and animal kingdoms (or Queendoms), work as channels for expansion of the species, as well as the mind.

What cannabis companies quickly learned since its legalization is that women really enjoy getting high. Not only do we like elevating ourselves in private, but we revel in consuming cannabis together. More Cannabis Queens are coming out of the cannabis closet as beloved tokers and fierce entrepreneurs. Empires within the community are being built daily and ladies are leading the way with a new enthusiasm for this healing herb. With social media platforms like Instagram, cannabis professionals and advocates are openly talking about their recreational and medical consumption. The conversation around it is getting normalized thanks to more and more individuals proudly sharing their stories and relationship with weed. Once a taboo lifestyle within our society, the productive stoner has suddenly become acceptably chic. Networking within the industry has been made easier, too. Whether you’re a fashion-forward, 420-inspired content creator like the goddesses of @ladiesofparadise; a hilarious cannabis meme curator like Rachel Wolfson (@Wolfiememes); or even a self-proclaimed bruja like fellow Latina and spiritual advisor E Ortiz (@ethereal.1); there’s a place for women to find like-minded people on the gram.

Everyone craves connection, and since cannabis is known to bring people together, it’s no wonder private 420 events have increased in popularity over the past few years. Specifically, female-only, 420-friendly “pussy parties” and “sensuality circles” are popping up across Southern California and the rest of the West Coast. I recently attended my first goddess session through an online platform set up by Sensuality Coach and Cannabis Feminist Carli Jo (@inthelifeofcj). Before we lit up, Ms. Carli Jo set an intention for our consumption that Sunday morning— “to meet the plant medicine with gratitude and love”. I must admit that’s only one of the many traits I’d like to adopt from her. Carli Jo showed gratitude and reverence for this incredible plant in a way most of us never do. The energy within that group of women was electrifying. As we smoked, stories were told, secrets shared, difficult conversations confronted, and sexual awakenings had. The sex and cannabis trend is becoming more mainstream thanks to companies like Foria and Velvet Swing crafting THC and CBD infused personal lubricants to enhance the female orgasm. These sensual products have become increasingly popular with seniors who are interested in cannabis but don’t necessarily want to feel its psychoactive effects. All-natural cannabis lubricants have prolonged the possibility of healthy sex lives for both men and women well into their later years; a quest most had given up on until now. Women of all ages are stepping into and fully claiming their sexual divinity, with the help of a little Mary Jane.

Courageously and collectively, we must continue to explore all the possibilities this wonderful plant has to offer. As advocates, it’s essential our voices be heard in all areas of this growing industry. As growers, manufacturers, retailers, bloggers, and beyond, we’re all vital parts to this rising force. Maybe the incline of females in cannabis will inspire more young women to join this revolutionary field; or perhaps it’ll encourage them to go after whatever it is that sets their soul on fire. This new dynamic gives me hope for more female friendly products and female-run businesses in both the cannabis industry, and the workforce overall.