From Kingston to California, Marley Natural Rises Up

Marley Natural is paving the way for the transformation of cannabis culture. During this time of great wins for the cannabis legalization movement, people are jumping on board for their piece of the pie. It’s a time we most need the voice, heart and message of Bob Marley to move us forward with integrity. The Marley Family has partnered with Privateer Holdings to bring us products that uplift and deepen our connection while also endeavoring to contribute to grassroots projects here and abroad through their Rise Up campaign, which has advocated for the expungement of cannabis-related sentences, sustainable farming practices, community development, and other efforts to advance social justice and environmental sustainability, starting first in Jamaica.

While there’s some criticism that the Privateer partnership perpetuates the imperialist United States agenda that Bob Marley so strongly advocated against and that it’s a slippery slope to misuse and cultural appropriation, I have hope that the company will hold the paradox of working within the capitalist framework so that Marley’s message can reach more people in the ways we each hold this sacred medicine dear, while honoring the cultural context from which Marley’s message rings. As Cedella Marley has said, “My dad would be so happy to see people understanding the healing power of the herb. He viewed the herb as something spiritual that could awaken our well-being, deepen our reflection, connect us to nature and liberate our creativity.”

“Herb is the unification of mankind.” ∼ Bob Marley

As for product, I am a big fan of Marley Natural flowers. I was first introduced at Harborside Health Center in Oakland, California, months ago with an eighth of Lemon Walker, an indica-sativa blend with a citrus scent that uplifted my senses from the moment I opened the bottle. Being a long-time smoker, it’s become more difficult to find strains that have a strong and lasting effect. Upon the first few pulls, I felt the body relax and the senses uplift and open.

So, when they brought me their four newest flowers to test, I was over the moon.

“Marley Natural is dedicated to cultivating Bob’s spirit of oneness with nature, where finding personal wellbeing and protecting our environment are revealed as two sides of the same pursuit.” ~ from Marley Natural Blog

Marley Gold Sativa – Blue Wonder is wonderful, truly. I’m not usually drawn first to sativa, due to the rapid heart rate it can induce in me but I wanted to place my entire body in this jar of flower and swim in it once I lifted the lid and breathed in the waft of intoxicating floral cheesiness. Smoking it was smooth, light and floral and I wanted to be transported to a giant smoke den of it rolling around in jelly beans or bouncy balls, just delightful! The effect was a full head high at first. The taste lingering in my mouth was full of floral overtones and felt like a hug in my mouth moving up through my sinuses and behind my eyes, turning my entire face into a smile. It made me a little ditzy and clumsy, to be honest so this is my go-to for free flowing creative sessions that need a little boost.

Marley Black Indica – Afgoo has a deep earthy quality with a hint of sweet cheesy pungent goodness. It yielded a smoked earth taste, almost like inhaling the campfire smoke with remnants of sweet cheesy goodness lingering in my cheeks and the roof of my mouth afterwards. After just two puffs, my body had the feeling of air being released from an over-inflated balloon – eyes relaxed into their sockets, body smiling and energy tingling from my shoulders and neck as the muscles began to unlock. I felt an absence of stress and was grounded in my body, which was as light as a feather. I enjoyed this gift on a Saturday night, after preparing myself a delicious meal of portobello mushrooms and pasilla peppers, sitting on my couch with my dog at my feet grateful for the down time with just the right high from Marley Black.

When I opened the glass jar of Marley Green Hybrid – Alien OG, I was met with a mild, bright citrus pine aroma, followed by the high-pitch, tangy flavor that left behind a sharp, bright aftertaste. A light and airy high ensued, very mellow with a winning combination of loose thoughts and loose muscles. It was a sweet high, feeling connected and fully in my body with a full body smile.

Marley Red CBD Rich – Harle Tsu smells like nestling into a wooded mossy enclave, with the scents of pine filling the space. This was a super sticky flower with a sweet, smoky citrus flavor. As one might expect, it was a harsher smoke than the blue wonder (which was exceptionally light) and left me with the sensation of my body being grounded in the earth and being held up and supported by something other than me. Yes, please!

I’m a fan. I can’t wait to try their new cartridges and pre-rolls and I have had my eye on their beautiful smoking accessories for a while now, as well as their paraben, sulfate, and cruelty-free body care line.

“What is my message? Truth, Peace and Love.”  ~ Bob Marley

So long as Bob Marley’s message permeates the company’s ethos to inform delivery of their high-quality flowers, body products, and accessories, and serve the communities most impacted by prohibition and the unjust war on drugs, there’s tremendous opportunity for healing with the way we produce, sell and distribute this sacred plant. I’m excited to watch Marley Natural grow and to smoke their delicious and healing herb in the meantime!