Issue Two: The Home Issue

MARY Issue Two: The Home Issue

A look inside Issue 2: Cannabis is largely consumed in the privacy of a sacred sanctuary, our homes. MARY dedicates this issue to the meaning of home – what they look like, how cannabis relates to indoor activity, how people arrange them and the qualities homes have.

Issue Two

Features you’ll find in The Home Issue:
  • Roasted – Coffee and Cannabis –  Insights into workings of the brain and why people find coffee and cannabis so enjoyable with similar euphoric effects.
  • MARY and You:  Jane West of Edible Events & Women Grow – A interview with the face behind two of the U.S. leading event and lifestyle organizations.
  • Home Is Where The Heart Is – A photo essay on visuals of homes and apartments of cannabis users.
  • Cooking With MARY: Homemade Dishes – Chef Monica Lo features 3 well-known and easy dishes that readers can make at home: Buffalo Solder Shrimp, Stoned Fruit Galette and Bloody Mary Jane.
  • Seven Candles to Burn While Burning – Scented candles one should keep in their home to use while consuming.
  • Finding Quiet Time in A Loud World – An essay discussing the joy in making time for oneself and closing out the world to clear your head, gather your thoughts, eliminate the noise and bask in quietness.
  • Stash Boxes –  A photo essay of keepsakes and storage units where people store their cannabis.
  • The Waiting Game  An essay on experiences that could and could not happen while discussing the waiting for deliveries to arrive.
  • KIVA Confections – The New Face of Chocolate
  • My Journey Into Vaping: A essay on searching for the perfect vaporizer.
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