The Ultimate Cannabis Pairing Dinner with Food, Flower, Future

As you walk through a Brooklyn-esque loft in Downtown Los Angeles, you are greeted with a CBD-infused strawberry lemonade and a delicious welcome bite. Khara Pechtes and Emily Anderson put on the very sophisticated Food Flower Future event series to cater to cannabis consumers of all different kinds.

On March 23rd, they threw an intimate dinner that would warm anyone’s heart. Some travel throughout California to Napa Valley, Temecula and Santa Barbara to experience high-end wine pairings. Dark chocolate tastes wonderful with a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, but what about a potent Sativa? In the same sense one could learn about all the terroirs of a wine, Khara and Emily produce cannabis experiences that are the whole package and have experts who educate dinner guests on several products and several topics cannabis-related in a similar manner. As the industry continues to develop more events like this, we’ll begin to see them pop all over with a similar sophistication to what this incredible duo of women are producing now. The dinner series is a wonderful time for people to come together and learn about the history and science of cannabis. The two of them have been able to take their extensive knowledge and share it with others. Combining food and cannabis is an experiential vehicle that explores flavors, textures, terpenes and aromas as it relates to consumption of all kinds. The normalization of cannabis can change the lives of many for the better.

Dishes are produced by Emily’s and her team, Plant Base, and are inspired by global travels and local ingredients. With a focus on sustainability and organic produce, they feature seasonal fruits and vegetables from Imperfect Produce which helps to reduce food waste, supporting farmers, and conscious cooking. Their courses are paired with a corresponding cannabis strain from each of the flower sponsors. They highlight the specific combination of culinary flavors and aromas alongside cannabis terpenes. Sponsors of this latest dinner include Proof Extracts, Mendocino Generations, Mondo, Fenix, Humboldt Farms, Brite Labs, Flower Daddy, Chillbachi, and Madera.

They are seeking like-minded sponsors that not only have flower, but several types of products, whether it be tinctures, edibles, infused drinks or skin care products. “We have so much respect for all the leaders in this community, creating and introducing new ways to consume cannabis” says Khara “especially for all the lady-bosses who are showing us great examples of what it means to be an entrepreneur, raising our vibration, uplifting each other in the community, and bringing awareness to the history of the plant. It gives cannabis a positive outlook on what health and wellness should look like and will be in the future.”

For upcoming engagements, they aim to create and launch a calendar with a year’s worth of events to produce and host for either day or night that leave people inspired, wanting more and connecting to those in their community, which they always do. They enjoy helping brands in the cannabis space host their own events in order to connect with their consumers and create long-lasting brand loyalty and personal customer relationships. Their dinners do not disappoint with sophisticated fun, uplifting chatter and five-course cuisine. To top it all off, their latest dinner finished with CBD-infused ice cream by Jacob of Chillbachi telling the crowd “it’s fun when the munchies give you the munchies.” All in all, these dinners are a delightful evening for the canna-curious and connoisseurs alike.