Award-winning mixologist Drew Martin Releases Signature Pre-Rolls

Drew Martin, a James Beard Award-winning mixologist and seasoned world traveler, has designed a line of signature pre-rolled joints, made with sun-grown Mendocino cannabis and additional botanicals. The botanical pre-rolls come in four varieties, each blended to deliver a unique flavor and experience. Rose Petals and Peppermint is both cool and sweet, while Chamomile, Calendula, and Yerba Santa is mellow and grassy. Lavender and Passionflower is woody and floral, and Ginger, Damiana, and Lemon Balm is spicy and fresh.

All four boxes feature illustrations by Berlin-based artist Sasha Ignatiadou, as well the Collection sampler, and they create a lush psychedelic jungle printed on premium card and paper. Metal foil and smart, classy typography round out the stoner luxe look of each box, each as unique as the botanical-boosted pre-rolled joints housed inside.

Drew Martin’s line of botanical pre-rolls is available in California at select cannabis shops, as well as delivery,