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Nevada has been a early adopter in regards to the legalization of cannabis. It first approved medical cannabis in Ballot Question 9 which was proposed in 1998 and approved in 2000, followed by going recreational with Ballot Question 2 in 2016.

Although laws have been in place since 2015 permitting the use and cultivation of CBD, many people still are unsure about the benefits of CBD, its legality and how to enhance their lives with cannabidiol.

We invite you to Las Vegas on Saturday March 23rd as we have a discussion with a few of the state’s brands and medical experts who standby educating the community and listen to them share their knowledge on this subject.

Guest Speakers

Matt Steele

President of RSO+GO, a company with roots in Washington state that provides a full spectrum RSO cannabis product line extracted from 100% pure grain alcohol. His background in medical cannabis spans over 20 years, from working with medical patient groups battling HIV and cancer to traveling all over the US researching CBD hemp biomass and genetics. His work with renowned agronomists was pivotal in setting up genetic nurseries of CBD hemp strains and has been instrumental in cultivating specific genetics to enhance medicinal effects from seed to maturity.

In 2016, when medical was phased out of WA, Matt realized the demand for a safe, pure product for patient consumption, outside of BHO/Butane and CO2 extraction. Driven with his passion to help patients, Matt created a product line that was truly full spectrum, providing everything the cannabis plant had to offer but with the remediation of the harsh heavy metals and pesticides. Starting with Washington, he has pioneered the facilitation of providing access to affordable, high quality medicine to patients that were running out of alternatives. From 2017 to now, RSO+GO launched in Washington and has now expanded to Nevada, Oregon, and soon California and Canada.

Kiki Sherard

Product Research and Development Manager at Chalice Farms, Goldenleaf Holdings and Head Chef of Golden Fruit Chews. Originally from the Midwest, she has lived on the West Coast for over 10 years. With a diverse professional background, including experience in Organic Agriculture, the Culinary Industry, Cannabis Horticulture, as well as Chocolates and Confections, she is a jack of all trades. Currently her focus is Edibles, and is the creator of the 2017 Oregon Dope Cup Winner, Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Truffle. Most recently her brain child is the Golden Fruit Chew, a vegan allergen-free focused candy that is being produced in Oregon and Nevada. Her creative energy and infectious laugh lights up a room, and her passion for providing quality Edibles is undeniable.

John Kent

Born in Japan, earning is BS in Marketing Management at FSC in Florida USA and an MBA at Bond University in QLD Australia. His background in Finance [ETF’s] and Commodities [Retail & Wholesale Meat] has helped John open Jardin Premium Dispensary from Medical market to the Recreational Market as their Inventory Curator. Now, as The Dispensary’s Director of Procurement & Analytics he helps to make clarity of consumer metrics and vendor product availabilities. John is also a Managing Partner of Himitsu CBD, a science & doctor backed whitelabel of Cannabinoid products in select partner channels.

Heather Vanek

Owner of Hot Mess Kushmetics, a Las Vegas based CBD Topical company. Heather first discovered CBD when making a bath bomb for her mother who suffers from migraines. Heather’s luxury CBD products are carried in 35 locations throughout the US. She lives in Las Vegas with her  husband and two children and is dedicated to changing the stigma of cannabis into a mainstream and acceptable way to heal.

Nurse Juhlzie Monteiro

Co-Founder of Cannabis Nurses Network which is a Global network for nurses that facilitates courses and events with affiliate professionals across the globe, founder of Nevada Cannabis Nurses Association (NVCNA), a member of American Nurses Association (ANA) and Nevada State Nurses Association (NSNA). Through American Cannabis Nurses Association (ACNA) she has earned certificates in The Basic Core Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing and The Advanced Curriculum for Cannabis Nursing. She has attended numerous industry conferences across the country and on expert panels providing a nursing perspective to medical communities in Nevada, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, Ohio, and Florida. Nurse Juhlzie has been a dedicated presenter in the educational, medical, and cannabis industry conference speaking circuits since 2014. She believes that the key to remove the propaganda and stigma on this simple plant is through knowledge and education.


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