In the last 40 years since marijuana has become popular in the U.S, the image of cannabis went from a fun-loving social element in the 60’s and 70’s, to falling on the wrong side of the Drug War in the 80’s and 90’s, to finally finding its rightful place amongst the people in the 2000’s.

The medicinal world has opened its arms to cannabis with countless tales of people who use the plant to deal with their ailments and illnesses. It’s clear the cannabis boom is alive and well in America, and companies are launching and getting into the industry, finding their place in this next era prohibition. What both sides lack are a dedicated literary and visual voice to help share their stories and change the way society perceives cannabis sativa.

Even with the growing acceptance of cannabis, many still have negative thoughts on nationwide legalization whether for medicinal, recreational or both and its effect on users – this is where MARY comes in. We’ve pulled together a well-experienced editorial and creative team, all of whom support the vision we’ve set forth. Collectively, we can’t wait to get this magazine in society’s hands so the fight is one step closer to being won, and the lives of the people and their relationship with cannabis can be documented. Together, we can change and eliminate the stigmas, clichés, and stereotypes that haunt the community.

It’s no secret that cannabis brings people together and puts them in a happier, peaceful, and less stressful state of mind. There’s a whole world waiting to be shown that cannabis users aren’t the lazy, unorganized, and irresponsible individuals whom have been stereotyped as such. If you’re still reading this, then you are one of the few who truly understands the importance of this platform and the need for great and authentic storytelling and high quality content.

Each year, the editorial and creative staff will pool together their favorite spots; places you need to know, places to eat and visit, which cater to the interests of our community.