SF Mayor London Breed Speaks at NCIA Cannabis Business Summit

Last week, during the 7th annual NCIA’s Cannabis Business Summit attendees were offered to 3 days of enlightening educational programming, hands-on workshops, and interactive experiences. NCIA offered compelling content & experiences designed for all cannabis entrepreneurs, business owners, connoisseurs, and enthusiasts to come together and spark industry conversations that aim to educate and further advance one of the fastest growing industries in the country.  

For the first time ever, attendees were able to see, touch, and smell flower, pre-roll, vapor, oil, edibles, and more with the launch of BLOOM: A Brands Experience.

San Francisco Mayor London Breed spoke for about 5 minutes offering welcome remarks on the morning of December 16 2021. Below is the last 2:30 of her remarks are in transcript as follows:

‘We’ve got more to do but I’m proud as a city we continue to lead the way and I’m committed to working with this industry to make sure we are investing in all of you while ensuring that we can right the wrong of some things that have been committed in the past.

Now before I go let me finish by saying again how happy I am to see all of you here. I hope that you enjoy your time at the Moscone Center but I also hope that you get out into San Francisco because I hear that you all are also probably testing the product here at the Moscone Center <audience laughs> and of course you’re going to have the munchies afterwards and want to go out, get a bite to eat. 

Make sure that you visit some of our world class restaurants, there’s so much amazing food in this city. Our downtown with our police department and other ambassadors are places where you can feel safe. Club Fugazi is a love letter to San Francisco – it’s called ‘Dear San Francisco’ and it’s at Club Fugazi and it’s a love letter to San Francisco and our incredible history, it’s a great show. The Matrix is premiering here in San Francisco on Saturday at Castro Theatre and there’s just so much happening. There’s so many shows, there’s so many wonderful things to do and this is the city that I was born and raised in. I’ve witnessed not only all of these incredible things happen in terms of our history, but more importantly, we are always constantly reminded about San Francisco, its progressive values, its beauty, and its love for being an inclusive place where you can also have a really good time. 

So as I said, I’m happy to welcome the cannabis industry home to San Francisco where movement for cannabis began in terms of medicinal use and I am looking forward to this industry continuing to return here, look at the policies we’re implementing here as a way to move forward with good policies that make this industry thrive so that people have access to what they need. But don’t forget to take in the sights of San Francisco and enjoy your time here. Thank you so much.’