Introducing Mistifi: Triple-Strain Vape Pens

Expertly designed to work in harmony with the world’s finest Extra Virgin Cannabis Oil, the MISTIFI cannabis vape pen balances precise airflow, voltage, and temperature to deliver the delicate balance of terpenes, terpenoids, and cannabinoids in their unique triple-strain blends. Created especially for cannabis flower connoisseurs, MISTIFI’s premium cured resin pen marries convenience with purity in the world’s purest, flower vaping experience.

Using their proprietary Hi-Phi extraction technology that precisely conserves the integrity
of the native cannabis flower  instead of altering it, MISTIFI has created first-of-their-kind
ultra-premium, triple-strain vape pens, unmatched in potency, flavor, and consistency.
The Hi-Phi extraction method––which fine-tunes high-pressure and low temperature––
produces the world’s most pure, uncut, cured resin and is the only extraction process
that maintains the exact proportions of characterizing compounds found in the native cannabis flower, also known as “The Golden Ratio,” for an unparalleled cannabis experience. 

By employing their proprietary plant mapping technology called “Cantography,” MISTIFI
ensures consistent flavor profiles (the aroma) and experience profiles (the high)
across different cannabis harvests, despite the natural differences that occur from season
to season. MISTIFI’s first-of-its-kind triple-strains blends are then crafted using the same
expertise from blending craft whiskeys to create exceptionally smooth pulls, and flavorful
aromas, without the use of any additives, chemicals, artificial flavors, diluents, thickening
agents, carrier oils, plant wax, resin, or chlorophyll. Setting themselves apart from other
vape brands on the market, MISTIFI’s unique Hi-Phi extraction technology preserves the many hundreds of bioactive compounds that produce a powerful “super entourage” experience that goes beyond full-spectrum for an ultra-premium, sensory experience with every pull. 

Launched by Scott Mandell, the former founder/CEO of ‘Enjoy Life Foods,’ the first
allergy-friendly food company in the U.S., and credited as launching the ‘free-from’ category, Scott has turned his attention to doing the same in the cannabis sector. Recognizing that there must be a more sustainable way to extract cannabis than Live Resin, that usually uses butane (a petrochemical) as a solvent, he built the most advanced cannabis R&D lab in the U.S., and employed a team of world-class scientists, who worked for over three years to create Hi-Phi, which extracts with CO2, a harmless natural gas that we breath in the air every day. Unlike live resin which uses fresh frozen flower, MISTIFI follows the tradition of curing top shelf flower for 14-days in which time the terpenes mature like aging whiskey in barrels, bringing out fuller smoother flavors in a cured resin. While flash-freezing is fast and works for all grades of cannabis, the curing process is expensive and time-consuming so is reserved only for top-shelf cannabis flower, as used in MISTIFI pens.